Lunar Eclipse 2023: Partial lunar eclipse to grace sky tonight

In this article, we are going to provide the Lunar Eclipse 2023 Live Updates. Today is the day when the Lunar Eclipse is going to occur. The Lunar Eclipse has already begun at 11:30 a.m. Today, October 2023 is all set to witness the second eclipse. This is an infrequent occasion. Lunar Eclipse also known as Chandra Grahan. This day is happening just after 14 days of the Solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurred on 14th October 2023. It has been reported that today the sky is going to turn grace. Now read this entire article to know about the timings of the eclipse. And also we are going to share how you can watch the Lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse 2023

Lunar Eclipse 2023

A lunar eclipse is an infrequent occasion. And this is happening after a very time that in the same month, we have witnessed two eclipses. Some days back we all witnessed a Solar eclipse and today we are going to witness a Lunar eclipse which has already started from 11:30 am. But the partial Lunar eclipse is going to start at around 11:31 pm tonight and it has been reported that around 1:00 am the darker portion of the Earth’s shadow is going to envelop the moon’s surface. Continue reading to know more.

Tonight the Lunar eclipse is going to be visible from some cities of India. It will also be visible in some other regions such as Asian countries, Europe, North America, and Africa. Today is the last Lunar eclipse of this year, Reports have officially declared that the next Lunar eclipse is all set to occur on 7th September 2025 from India. The last Lunar eclipse which was visible from India was on 8th November 2022 and that was a total eclipse. It has been said that there are two phases of the Lunar eclipse which are Penumbra and Umbral.

The moon is going to enter Penumbra at midnight today and the Umbral phase is going to start in the early hours of 29 October 2023. The Umbrela phase is going to start at 1:05 am and then it will end at 2:24 am on 29th October 2023, Sunday. All the temples are going to be closed at around 4:00 p.m. Then the temples will open in the Brahma muhurta on Sunday. The eclipse will occur at the full moon phase. Earth is going to be positioned precisely between the Moon and the Sun. Tonight the Earth’s shadow is going to cover the moon’s surface.