Luminous Color-Changing Eco-Leather Technology In Techno Spark 10 Pro

Tecno, a leading smartphone brand, has once again captured the attention of tech enthusiasts with the launch of their latest addition to the SPARK 10 Series, the SPARK 10 Pro-Magic Magenta Edition. This awe-inspiring device boasts a revolutionary feature called “Luminous Eco-Leather Technology,” making it the world’s first smartphone to change colors using environmentally friendly material.

Techno Spark 10 Pro

At first glance, the standout magenta color of the SPARK 10 Pro immediately catches the eye. It is designed to inspire individuals to embrace their vibrant and authentic selves. TECNO has not only introduced this striking color to the Pro-Magic Magenta Edition but has also added new hues to the SPARK 10C and SPARK 10. The SPARK 10 now flaunts a captivating magenta shade, while the SPARK 10C is available in a refreshing orange color. This diverse range of options enables users to select a smartphone that aligns perfectly with their unique style.

The SPARK 10 Pro-Magic Magenta Edition lies in its world-first Luminous Eco-Leather Technology. This groundbreaking innovation allows the phone to undergo a mesmerizing color transformation. From vivid magenta, it switches to a magical fluorescent glow by absorbing and converting light. This achievement celebrates the brand’s commitment to empowering young-at-heart users worldwide and perfectly embodies its “Stop at Nothing” spirit of innovation.

The realization of this technically complex design is a testament to TECNO’s commitment to craftsmanship. It took over 60 rounds of development and over 1,200 sample revisions to achieve an exceptional color result. The multi-layered composition includes a base layer screen printed four times with red and white ink to create a bold base, a core layer with luminous ink screen printed three times and tech coating applied four times for a luminous effect, and a decorative layer with transparent silicone leather to accentuate the overall impact.

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The SPARK 10 Pro-Magic Magenta Edition’s magical magenta design perfectly represents the fearless spirit of the youth. The vibrant pink color not only captures attention but also reflects the creativity and uniqueness of the younger audience. The combination of pink and white patterns symbolizes the young generation’s desire for change and their aversion to being confined to societal norms.

This remarkable smartphone, equipped with the world’s first Luminous Eco-Leather Technology, offers users a stunning color-changing experience. With its captivating design, outstanding camera features, powerful processor, and ample storage capacity, this device is sure to leave an indelible mark on the smartphone market. Stay tuned for more innovations from TECNO in the future. Keep in touch with us for more updates.

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