L&T share price rises after strong Q2 results 2023

The L&T share price has now risen. yes, this news has been recently reported by the sources. The share price of R&T has been recently raised after the strong Quarter 2 results. Now the brokerages have raised the target price on the stock. The revenue of L&T from the operations in Quarter 2 of the recent fiscal has now risen to 19% Year on year to Rs. 51,024 crore. It has been driven by the improved execution of the orderbook which is very large. The analytics has now maintained a positive view on L&T shares with the brokerages which have now raised their target price on the stock. To know everything read this article till the end.

L&T Q2 Results

After the release of Quarter 2 results, the L&T share price has now gained more than 10% in the last three months and the stock has now been up over 40% YTD. The Larsen & Toubro share price gained a great percentage on 1st November 2023, Wednesday after the company released the official healthy financial performance reports for Q2 which ended in September 2023. The company shares have now risen to 1.85% to Rs. 2,983.05 per piece in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The engineering and construction major of the company has been officially reported with a net profit is Rs. 3,223 crore in Q2 FY24 as it has registered a growth of 45% YoY. Continue reading.

L&T’s revenue from the operations in Quarter 2 of the fiscal has risen 19% YoY to Rs. 51,024 crores as it is driven by the execution of a big order book it is improved now. Also now the analytics has maintained a positive view of the company shares with the brokerages which have raised the company target price on the stock. Scroll on to learn more.

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The Centrum broking has claimed that the L&T has not reported another strong set of numbers with stellar 19%/45% Year on year growth till now as it is in the revenue and the PAT has been driven by good execution in the P&M meetings and also the Profit from, sale of the commercial property which is in the Hyderabad Metro work. They have also claimed that the company has given a great order book of Rs. trillion now it has a robust pipeline of Rs. 10 trillion because it is controlled by the NWC environment and it has also improved the development of business dynamics. And the company has now also upgraded the rating.

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