Who is Lindsey Horan’s husband, Tyler Heaps?

Lindsey Horan, a popular American professional women’s soccer player is again coming into the limelight due to her current relationship status, as her name is being tied with Tyler Heaps. Yes, you heard right, on social media uncounted news is being circulated while leading their relationship, as a few reports are claiming that the two are looking ahead to getting married and soon will make the announcement too. Ever since her admirers goy acquainted with the stuff their huge reactions commenced hitting the headlines. Below you can explore the further information you need to know.

Lindsey Horan

Who is Lindsey Horan’s husband, Tyler Heaps?

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Lindsey and Tyler have been dating each other since 2021 and got engaged in June 2023 while exchanging the ring. Currently, they are making golden memories together in a certain manner which is amazing to see and thus, their admirers are also sending their congratulatory quotes while praying for the couple to get a shiny future and happiness. Because both are stunning and look good with each other. Therefore, the couple is being praised too by thousands of those who are connected with them since they made their debut.

Who Is Tyler Heaps?

Tyler Heaps is associated with the world of soccer while he may not be an athlete but besides this, he is having an amazing passion for sports that makes him sports person as well. He has also worked with many associations which usually organize sports events and this is the reason, he met Lindsey as well. Based on his skills and potential he got the chance to work with the US Soccer Federation and later with AS Monaco, which is a home club of Japanese soccer players. In short, Tyler is also counted in a list of popular faces.

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Apart from all these, on 20th June 2023, Lindsey announced her engagement with Tyler while sharing a few adorable photos. Even her fans showered their love e and blessing on the couple while sending the gifts too. As everyone is happy for the both as they are heading to initiate their new life together which is a matter of great joy and happiness. But till now, there is no update about their wedding and thus, it is hard to anticipate the date as well. Because the couple did not even leave a single hint that can lead the further information.

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