Lemnis Gate Web Portal Is Being Removed From Service

Lemnis Gate, a time-bending competitive multiplayer first-person shooter, is being taken off all platforms, and its online servers will shut down in a few months. The first-person shooter was released in 2021, but it doesn’t seem to have found a lot of people to play it. Developer Ratloop Games has decided to take it all down.

Most players agreed that Lemnis Gate was worth playing even if only for its interesting mix of genres and tropes, but its premise hasn’t worked out as well as the developer might have hoped. But for the time being, players will still be able to play the game the way it was meant to be played.

On April 11, 2023, Lemnis Gate will be taken off the shelves of all PC and console stores. Ratloop said that after that, it would be impossible to buy the game on any platform, but the good news is that people who already own it would still be able to play a few games.

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In particular, Ratloop will keep the Lemnis Gate multiplayer servers up and running until July 11. If a lot of the game’s players come back for one last go before it all shuts down, it should be easy to see what it was all about.

Lemnis Gate was one of the best time loop games of 2021. Its unique premise was that anyone could turn back time whenever they wanted. This led to a lot of tactical options and battle situations in which different timelines overlapped and ran at the same time in real-time. But the game was also pretty hard to play, which may have turned some people off.

The hybridized turn-based combat in Lemnis Gate was praised in reviews, which said the game had all the makings of a real sleeper hit. This potential was never reached, though, probably because it never reached the number of players a smaller-scale multiplayer FPS needs to have in order to stay alive.

Most players should try Lemnis Gate if they have the chance and want to, but console players will still be able to access local multiplayer and training modes after July 11. On PC, however, players won’t even be able to get into the game’s menu, which is sad. Lemnis Gate can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S until April 11.

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