Legendary MiG-21 Bison Fighter Jets Fly For The Last Time For Indian Air Force

This news is not just going to be normal breaking news this news is also going to be the biggest shocking news of current times. Now it has been officially announced by the authorities that the legendary MiG-21 Bison fighter jets are going to fly for the last time for the Indian Air Forces. This news has sent shockwaves right now. The residents of India are in a big shock since this announcement but people are not aware of the reason behind this decision. The reason is the biggest surprise, to read this entire article very carefully.

MiG-21 Bison
(AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh)

According to the source, the Indian Air Force number 4 squadron  MiG -21 Bison fighter aircraft performed for the final fight over the Uttarlai town which happened in Varmer, Rajasthan. Now there is an end of an era because these jets are not going to be seen again. Now it has been reported that this time the Su-30 MKI and MiG-21 Bison fly together. The native jet of India, LCA Mark-1A has succeeded the existing MiG-21 aircraft in the Indian Air Force arsenal. Sources have revealed that the force has operated to close the 50 MiG-21s in three distinct squadrons.

A structured plan has already been finalized for the systematic decommissioning of the older aircraft. V R Chaudhary, Air Chief Minister indicated some time ago in a press conference that the MiG-21s were examined to be phased out by 2024. They are now looking forward to replacing the MiG-21 squadrons with the new LCA Mark 1A.l He further added that the LCA Mark-1A is going to fill the gap of the ongoing MiG-21s. MiG-21s has worked as the backbone of the Indian Air Force as it is one of the strongest jets that has been ever seen. This was acquired in the early 19s0s. The Indian Air Force added almost 870 MiG-21 jets to bolster the aerial combat strength.

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This news was officially announced on Twitter (X). Since then people have been shocked and now many people are reacting to this news. One of the Twitter (X) users wrote that the MiG-21s were the world’s most formidable fighter jets of the 70th retiring. In the war of 1971, these jets served as the backbone of India and played a main role in the bombing of many places in Pakistan. All the things that came into this world came with an expiry date and yes the expiry date of MiG-21s has come. Tejas is going to replace these jets with some more strength.

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