Laceby Road Grimsby Accident, 16-year-old cyclist killed in crash with bus

This is to inform you that a crash occurred on Laceby Road in Grimsby on Monday, September 11, 2023. Due to the crash in Grimsby, Laceby Road was closed as emergency services were at the scene helping the injured. When the emergency services responded to the scene following a crash, Laceby Road was closed at around 9 am in the morning on Monday, September 11. Reports have stated that the crash was quite serious as police vehicles and ambulances were in large numbers at Laceby Road on Monday morning. We have explained the circumstances surrounding the Laceby Road accident, in the sections given below. Scroll down for more details.

Laceby Road Grimsby Accident
Photo by Grimsby Live

What Happened At Laceby Road Grimsby?

Reports have suggested that the accident happened between Walmsgate and Winchester Avenue. It was around 9 am when police along with an air ambulance responded to the scene. The authorities received a call regarding a major crash on Laceby Road between Walmsgate and Winchester Avenue on Monday morning. Subsequently, the road was cordoned off from both directions causing the commuters to face inconvenience during office hours. However, the police diverted the cars at the junction of Winchester Avenue and Laceby Road. But still, heavy traffic was seen in the area.

Since Laceby Road was closed due to a collision, people on the internet have been seeking details about the circumstances. However, the authorities have not yet explained what happened there and what damage occurred due to the collision. Additionally, we are not sure how many people were injured in this crash. But the road was closed from both directions and an air ambulance also responded to the scene depicting a major crash occurred there. A resident of Grimsby told reporters, “There’s a police car cordoning off the road stopping motorists at a set of traffic lights with an accident further down, and I heard sirens going towards it.”

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Humberside Police Updated Laceby Road Closed Following A Crash

The police department of Humberside announced that Laceby Road was closed in both directions as emergency services were performing their duties between Norwich Avenue the Grimsby College. “Laceby Road, Grimsby is closed in both directions between Norwich Avenue and the Grimsby College, as emergency services are dealing with an incident.” Traffic monitoring website Inrix also shared a post regarding the same, which reads “A46 Laceby Road in both directions closed, heavy traffic due to accident between Winchester Avenue and Walmsgate.” More details to come out soon, stay tuned.

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