Kota Tinggi Accident: 3 college students Died Near Kota Tinggi In Vehicle Collision

Kota Tinggi district: We are extremely grieving to share the quite disturbing and heartbreaking news that would make you uneasy for sure. Because no one would like to start their morning with such news that can frighten them in a certain manner. Yes, you heard right, in the afternoon of 2nd September 2023, 3 college students got into a terrible accident that became the cause of their unfortunate departure that no one had even imagined. The tragedy was furious enough that they didn’t even get the time to take a breath. So below you can explore the further information you need to know along with some unknown facts.

Kota Tinggi Accident

Kota Tinggi Accident

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the accident was quite the worst as it affected the entire area while breaking the dividers and other property and therefore the emergency services were not acquainted with the intensity in a certain manner because the things were enough to say the activities. Even the surveillance camera was placed next to the accident a lot that recorded everything at the time conveying the intensity of the tragedy because the 3 lost their precious lives so you can also imagine how bad the tragedy was.

Kota Tinggi Accident

Recently, the concerned authorities of Kota Tinggi shared the identifications of the deceased The three have been identified as Iqbal Faiz Mat Sah, 20; Nurul Afrahrina Sazli, 19; and Nurina Izzatie Kamarul Azman, 19. They also mentioned the particular recognition of the injured one who is currently counting his breath at the nearest hospital to the accident spot. As soon as the nearest ones came to know that someone was alive among them, they transported him to the nearest medical center while calling the emergency services so that they could come and bring everything into their hands because things had turned out of their control because of which, the road had to remain shut as well.

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On social media, uncounted are expressing their reactions while mentioning that might have been furious enough at the time of traveling because of this, they could have lost all control over the speed that caused their accident. But only anticipation is here while speaking out the fact while the exact one is yet to be shared as the police department is doing their best to solve the case as soon as possible. Because it holds multiple queries that will take time to get solved. So we will also pray may their soul rest in peace in heaven. Stay tuned with us and do follow Techballad.

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