Kloof Nek Accident: Former Miss South Africa injured in truck accident

According to the reports, a horrific accident took place in the City of Cape Town on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, where a total of six people were left seriously injured. The highlight of the news is former Miss South African Cindy Nell Roberts was among the six injured victims. The accident has been described as a major tragedy. People in large numbers were at the scene analyzing the aftermath of the crash. As mentioned, former Miss South Africa was also injured in the accident, People have been stuck to this news and seeking all the imperative updates about it. Reportedly, the crash occurred on Kloof Nek Road on Tuesday, 12 September 2023. What was the cause of the Kloof Nek Road accident? Find out more details of the crash in the following sections.

Kloof Nek Accident

Six Injured In Kloof Nek Accident

Among the six injured victims, one was former Miss South Africa Cindy Nell Roberts. The six people were left seriously injured after a truck hit several other vehicles on Kloof Nek road. Moreover, the truck also overturned after crashing into several other vehicles leaving six people injured including the truck driver, former Miss South Africa, and four others. Shortly after the crash, all the injured victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. Reportedly, former Miss South Africa Nell Roberts’s car was dragged for around 100 meters after it went out of control.

Before the arrival of Green Point and Oranje Kloof City Improvement District’s security manager Marius Swanepoel, victims have been admitted to the hospital. He said, “When I arrived there, those injured were already taken to the hospital. The wall of the block of flats was destroyed. I am quite surprised and thankful that there were no fatalities. The way that truck was lying on its roof. It is luck that no one died in that accident.”

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Kloof Nek Road Remained Closed

The Mayco member for safety and security, JP Smith explained the cause of the multi-vehicle crash on Kloof Nek road. He said that the driver of the heavy-duty truck was transporting boxes of frozen fish when the truck driver lost control of it and crashed the truck with several other cars on the road. The Kloof Nek Road and Ethan Street remained closed until Tuesday afternoon as the emergency services were clearing the wreckage on the road. Ward 77 councilor Francine Higham said the speed limit on the road will be reduced. Stay tuned.

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