Kingdom Hearts: Union X – A list of The 10 Best Characters

Union X is now the only game that significantly impacted the Kingdom Hearts mythos from Square Enix. Unfortunately, the story is presented in a mobile game that is no longer playable.

Nevertheless, a game video is available for fans to speculate about, and it’s no credit that most of the characters play significant roles in Kingdom Hearts’ mythology. Due to the numerous repeat character appearances in the games, this article contains significant spoilers for Kingdom Hearts: Back Cover, Kingdom Hearts: X, Union X, and Union X: Dark Road.

10. The Master of Masters

Master of Masters is possibly the most enigmatic character in Kingdom Hearts, and there are a ton of fan speculations about who he might be. Given the introduction to time travel made in this game, there is no way of predicting where or when this individual may turn up again.

Kingdom Hearts: Union X - Best Characters
Kingdom Hearts: Union X – Best Characters

But at the moment, he unquestionably resembles the Big Bad because he tricked the Foretellers into fighting so that he could creep Darkness into their hearts. Even though he tricked them into thinking the Keyblade War could be avoided, those five were glued to his every word.

Master of Masters is so low on this list because he has long since left Union X. But Luxu and the Foretellers’ joint efforts to lead their world to conflict make his influence felt.

9. You (The Keyblade Wielder)

It is odd when a character in a game like Kingdom Hearts self-inserts, especially one that is so important to the story. Kingdom Hearts might be one of the rare games where “raising the series’ major antagonist” is the extent of your OC’s role.

Kingdom Hearts: Union X - Best Characters
Kingdom Hearts: Union X – Best Characters

In this game, you play as a Keyblade user who is accidentally drawn into politics and corruption and made to fight your mentor and friends in a conflict that almost ends your life. There are a few unexpectedly unique instances in your character.

Most notably, they self-sacrifice towards the game’s conclusion to prevent the Darkness from escaping the data world and perishing. They save the world, are entertaining, and are a little cocky. Due to their self-insert tendency, they don’t rank any higher than this on the list.

8. Master Ava

Even after learning the truth about their missing memories from the Keyblade War, Master Ava gives the Union leaders a sense of direction that keeps them moving forward. Ava’s mission was to shield the Dandelions from getting caught in the crossfire while the other unions implode.

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Kingdom Hearts: Union X - Best Characters
Kingdom Hearts: Union X – Best Characters

She is outstanding because, despite completing the mission assigned by MoM, Ava took several liberties to save the Dandelions from the prophesied traitor, Luxu.

She decided to send the Union leaders a Book of Prophecies because she never gave up on the idea that there could be a way to alter destiny. She doesn’t rate highly because she’s not present in Union X physically, even though her conflict with Luxu set off the war.

7. Luxu

One of the series’ most memorable moments was when Xigbar revealed that he was Luxu, and we’re eager to find out more. Luxu only acts in the way he does to preserve the planet, despite his odd appearance.

Kingdom Hearts: Union X - Best Characters
Kingdom Hearts: Union X – Best Characters

He has to ensure that the Union leaders turn into vessels for evil while imprisoned in the digital world, as instructed by the Master of Masters. He first exhibits some reluctance and resentment for the numerous sacrifices made during the Keyblade War to carry out the MoM’s agenda.

Being the most common character and appearing in almost every game, Luxu is one of the most fantastic characters in the series. He receives a low ranking since he is inert mainly, allowing Darkness to rule the data realm until diving with Brain.

6. Strelitzia

Little did we know you, Strelitzia. She felt guilty about those who weren’t picked to survive due to the duties of being the Union leader, which speaks to her kindness. Even though you didn’t spend much time with Strelitzia, she laments that she never got to talk to you.

Kingdom Hearts: Union X - Best Characters
Kingdom Hearts: Union X – Best Characters

When all Strelitzia wanted to do was inform the Player about the battle, Darkness killed her to take her place as the Union’s commander. Strelitzia is not dead because this is Kingdom Hearts. In Lauriam’s dream, she appears as a bizarre data ghost and is dressed in a white version of the MoM’s cloak.

She may serve as Sora’s guide while he is in the Quadratum, where some characters go after they ‘die. She may currently be somewhat low on the list, but we are confident she will play a crucial part in the upcoming saga.

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5. Ventus

Ven is a poor youngster who never seems to have any luck. He isn’t even meant to be a leader of the Union, but he ends up there after accidentally killing Strelitzia. The man isn’t even aware that he has been transformed into a conduit for Darkness until it is made clear to him, at which point the incident involving Vanitas in BBS suddenly makes sense.

Kingdom Hearts: Union X - Best Characters
Kingdom Hearts: Union X – Best Characters

It is heartbreaking to witness him being used as a puppet for such a terrible crime and then feeling guilty about it. He receives a poor rating because he can be a temporary liability. Ventus, however, has no time for moping around.

He protects his comrades from Darkness with his strength as a being of pure light so they can leave the virtual realm. We have never seen Ven so pure or sorrowful, but we can’t wait to see him reunited and perhaps get revenge on his Union friends.

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4. Lauriam

The fact that Marluxia’s someone was the trendiest guy in town should be no surprise. He is shown here with a well-known member of Organization XIII and initially seems unconcerned with his position as Union leader. Lauriam is considerably soberer after his sister’s murder, nevertheless.

Kingdom Hearts: Union X - Best Characters
Kingdom Hearts: Union X – Best Characters

When he almost succumbs to the Darkness and attacks Ventus, the high point of his entire character arc, which centers on the love and loss of Strelitzia, occurs. However, Lauriam recovers with the help of his pals and makes a vow never to forget them. He is well-regarded for his generous, caring personality, although he hasn’t had any notable character moments (yet).

3. Skuld

In both Kingdom Hearts: X and Union X, Skuld is a devoted friend who saves your character from death by leading you to Master Ava to look for Ephemer. Skuld’s unwavering values serve as her compass; she abhors concealing the Keyblade War from the Dandelions, even if necessary.

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Kingdom Hearts: Union X - Best Characters
Kingdom Hearts: Union X – Best Characters

Her supporting friendship with Ventus is endearing, especially when she is defending him from a vengeful Lauriam. She and Ephemer have this adorable puppy love thing going on. Otherwise, Skuld loses points because she doesn’t have many significant character moments. Most of them involve Ephemer or the gang as a whole.

But only she and Ephemer indeed witness Daybreak Town turn into night, and later, the mother cradling baby Xehanort remarkably resembles her. She appears to be a part of the series still.

2. Brain

Being a bright young man who had little desire to serve as someone else’s pawn, Braig, er, Bragi, er, Brain, was recruited somewhat grudgingly. He immediately suspected their superiors’ hidden goals, but he’s a team player.

Kingdom Hearts: Union X - Best Characters
Kingdom Hearts: Union X – Best Characters

This smartass is in charge of the Strelitzia disappearance inquiry, discovers that everyone is involved in the digital world, and dissects MoM’s motivation for the Union leaders. He is sensible and practical, and his efforts keep the team from going into the dark, but he loses points for becoming caught up in Luxu’s web.

1. Ephemer

Ephemer, who adheres to Master Ava’s instructions on how to guide the Dandelions after the war, is the most respected among the Union leaders. Even though he experiences the same doubt and pain as the others, he is Union X’s voice of good and truth.

Kingdom Hearts: Union X - Best Characters
Kingdom Hearts: Union X – Best Characters

He sacrifices to save Ventus from Lauriam’s fury so that the rest might leave Daybreak Town. He finds Scala ad Caelum after escaping the destruction of Daybreak Town, where he gives Brain’s key blade to Eraqus.

The last of his good deeds is helping Sora battle Ephemer’s great-great-grandson, Xehanort, along with the other Keyblade users who have perished. Ephemer is one of the most underappreciated characters since no other long-running figure has kept true to the light as he has.

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