Kenya Power Says There Is A Hitch In Its Prepaid Token System

On Thursday, October 19, 2023, the Kenyans had to suffer inconvenience due to a hitch on the prepaid system of Kenya Power and Lighting Company. According to the reports, the lightning company also affirmed an issue within its prepaid system that caused problems in the generations of electricity tokens. As a result of malware in the prepaid system of Kenya Power and Lighting Company, a large number of people faced numerous errors while generating tokens. After witnessing a rare error with the Kenya Power and Lighting Company, many Kenyans took to social media and shared their awful experience of generating electricity tokens. What actually happened and has Kenya Power and Lighting Company restored the service? Everything that you need to know, has been mentioned in the following sections of this article. Shift to the next section. Drag down.

Kenya Power

Technical Issue In Generating Electricity Token Of KPLC

Hundreds of people faced inconvenience while issuing electricity tokens for themselves as part of Kenya Power and Lighting Company’s prepaid service. The prepaid service consumers of Kenya Power and Lighting Company reported facing errors while issuing tokens, many could not complete the transaction to purchase the electricity token while some even did not get the token despite completing the transaction.

As a result, people started raising complaints with Kenya Power and Lighting Company. They also shared their experience of inconvenience while using Kenya Power’s prepaid service, on the internet. A consumer said I’m unable to purchase a token using the Paybill 888880. The error message that he received reads, “Transaction failed, M-PESA cannot complete payment of [Ksh2000.00] to KPLC PREPAID. The Organization’s system receiving the payment experienced some technical challenges, try again later.” Another wrote, “I woke up and found my tokens had [expired] but tried several times since four am up to now it can’t purchase”

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However, Kenya Power and Lighting Company responded to the complaints of its consumers. KPLC stated that the technical team started working on the issue and trying to restore normalcy as soon as possible. While explaining the reason for the inconvenience, KPLC stated that there was a glitch in the prepaid service’s system causing the failure of the generation of electricity tokens. On Twitter, Kenya Power posted an apology letter that reads, “We are experiencing a glitch in the prepaid system, which is affecting the generation of electricity tokens. We are working to restore normalcy within the shortest time possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

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