Kelvin From Sons of the Forest Will Soon Be Even More Useful

With the success of its last release, Sons of the Forest, Endnight Games has “huge ambitions” for the game’s future, including updating its artificial intelligence companion, Kelvin.

The game’s survival horror elements are indeed excellent on their own, but Kelvin is a big part of why it became so famous so fast. The players quickly became attached to the friendly, albeit brain-damaged NPC that accompanied the solo adventurers.

Kelvin From Sons of the Forest
Kelvin From Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest was so anticipated that it sold over 2 million copies in just 24 hours, an impressive record for any release, much less one from the indie horror industry. Since the game is still in early access, Endnight wants to protect its new IP. With that in mind, the studio has a few plans to satisfy the audience.

The developer behind Sons of the Forest has some exciting ideas for the future, as revealed in recent Q&A sessions on Discord and Reddit and discovered by PC Gamer. Endnight hopes to make Kelvin more valuable by giving him access to more features and expanding the tale.

For instance, the AI will be given a wider variety of tasks, including assisting the player in building and defending bases. There are also plans to improve Virginia’s artificial intelligence by, among other things, making the mutant with three legs and arms more courageous.

At the time of writing, these were all claimed to be abstract concepts, but it seems the studio is eager to implement them as quickly as feasible. Kelvin, the Sons of the Forest companion, is adored by many, but he also presents some challenges.

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Kelvin From Sons of the Forest
Kelvin From Sons of the Forest

Occasionally, he has been seen hacking down bases to obtain logs, despite players having constructed in and around the trees. Yet, the locals have warmly received his friendship, and it will be exciting to witness Kelvin mature.

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Fans of Sons of the Forest often make blunders due to the game’s harsh survival mechanisms and the savage nature of the forest’s inhabitants. Survival games, like real life, need players to have patience and perseverance if they want to make it through the first few nights alive.

Kelvin is there to help the team weather the storm. Those with a PC can now access Sons of the Forest early.

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