Karnataka and Uttarakhand On Alert Following China Pneumonia Outbreak

Karnataka and Uttrakhand are on the red alert now. Yes, this news is true. This is happening in the China pneumonia outbreak. The government health department of Karnataka has recently put a health care infrastructure in the state on alert regarding the reports of a surge in respiratory illnesses among children in China. Currently, the seasonal flu is an infectious disease that typically lasts five to seven days. It is mostly known for its mobility and mortality rates. So by looking at this Karnataka and Uttrakhand have decided to make a red alert. So advisors have told me now what should and should not do. So read this article carefully.


Currently, the news is going viral that a respiratory illness in children in China is going viral. A lot of children are facing this problem in China. So by looking at this the government of Karnataka has taken action and has put its healthcare infrastructure in the entire state on alert. This action was taken after the Centre issued the official advisory to the States and Union Territories which urged them to look at the issue as soon as possible and also to review the public health and hospital preparedness measures. Continue reading.

Karnataka Health Department issued an advisory. According to the advisory, seasonal flu is an infectious disease which is not normal at all for the last five to seven days and it is mostly known for its low and high morbidity and mortality rates. There is a big risk to infants, pregnant women, older people, immunocompromised, and those people who are on long-term medications like steroids, people require hospitalization. Dinesh Fundu Rao has given a statement on his official Twitter X() account where he wrote, as we are considering the surge in the respiratory illness in China right now the World Health Organization (WHO) has released an official advisory for people. He requests every single person to follow the instructions. And also learned about the dos and don’ts and took some measures to prevent influenza. If the symptoms aggravate, please immediately visit your nearest government hospital for treatment. He requested people not to panic but just take some necessary precautions.

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According to WHO, the symptoms of Seasonal flu are fever, chillum malaise, nausea, sneezing, and dry cough which last up to around three weeks. So be safe and make sure that people around you are also safe.

Prakash Israni

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