What is the Reason of Kai Wegner Scheidung Divorce? Children And Family

Recently the news came on the internet that a very famous Governing Mayor of Berlin Kai Wegner has confirmed his separation from his partner. Since the news came on the internet it has gone viral on social media platforms and uncounted reactions started hitting the headlines on social media platforms because many people are shocked. Now this news has become a hot topic on the internet. People are super curious to know about Kai Wegner, his divorce reason, his children, and his family. Here we have more information about the news and we will share it with you in this article.

Kai Wegner

Who Is Kai Wegner?

Kai Wegner is a very well-known and respected politician of the Christian Democratic Union who has been serving as Governing Mayor of Berlin since April 2023. He was born on 15 September 1972 in Spandau, West Berlin, and currently, he is 51 years old. From 2005 to 2021 he also worked as a member of the Bundestag, the German federal parliament. He held important roles within the CDU, such as chairman in Berlin and secretary general. He is a very hardworking person who achieved huge success in his career. Swipe up the next page for more information about the news.

Kai Wegner Divorce Reason Explained

Currently, Kai Wegner has been gaining huge attention from the people due to his divorce news. People want to know the whole information about it. As per the report, on 29 December 2023, Kai Wegner, Berlin’s Governing Mayor, confirmed his separation from his partner Kathleen Kentar. The decision to end their association was revealed by the State Chancellery in Berlin with the separation having happened a few months earlier in September of the same year. The official’s statement, delivered by Senate spokeswoman Christine Richter, confirmed that the separation was natural highlighting that Kai Wegner and Kathleen Kantar had parted ways amicably. So please read the complete article.

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Kai Wegner Children

People must be super keen to know about Kai’s children. Kai Wegner, Berlin’s Governing Mayor, is a passionate father to his two kids, Lena and Justus, born during his seven-year association with his now-separated partner, Kathleen Kantar. Lena, aged 6, and Justus, aged 2, represent the heart of Wegner’s paternal guilt. The official statement from the State Chancellery in Berlin, delivered by Senate spokesperson Christine Richter, highlighted keeping a friendship and prioritizing the well-being of their children. Here we have shared all the information that we had. Stay tuned to us for more updates.

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