Is Jonathan Dunn Delta Arrested? Former Delta co-pilot indicted over allegedly threatening to shoot captain during flight

In this article, we are going to look at Jonathan Dunn Delta Pilot Wikipedia and age. We are going to learn if he was arrested or not. Jonathan Dunn is a former Delta Air Lines pilot. His name is currently making rounds on social media. He is currently one of the most trending men. On the Internet, there are some rumors about him. It has been said that he is arrested right now. Now many people who are not familiar with the reality of this rumor are curious to learn if this rumor is true or not. Is he arrested? So now in this article, we are going to look at the reality of the Jonathan Dunn’s arrest rumor and we are going to learn some more news about him.

Jonathan Dunn Delta

Is Jonathan Dunn Delta Arrested?

Jonathan Dunn is an ex-Delta Air Lines pilot. He gained recognition for his involvement in the tragic incident that happened on an August 2022 flight. Now as we all know Jonathan is no longer tied up with Delta. The reason for this is that he was caught carrying a weapon as a part of the Transportation Security Administration Federal Flight Deck Officer program. Scroll down to learn about Jonathan Dunn’s details.

Jonathan Dunn was born in California. His life took a big turn when he got arrested for the case of interference with a cabin crew on 18th October 2023. According to the source, this incident occurred on 22nd August 2022 on a commercial flight. It has been said that Jonathan threatened to shoot the captain of the flight if the flight were to be diverted for a passenger who needed medical attention. The people on the flight became scared at that time. Because of this incident, the safety measures came forward. This event raised concerns about the safety and security of passengers and cabin crew members.

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It has been reported that Jonathan Dunn was the co-pilot because he was allowed to be part of the Transportation Safety Administration Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) program. Sources have revealed that in this program the authorized pilots can carry guns in the cockpit so that can check the flight deck security. This program was started in response to the post-9/11 security landscape. After this incident, Jonathan Dunn was officially removed from the FFDO program and also from the TSA program. Currently, Jonathan Dunn is under custody. This case has been scheduled for 16th November 2023 for the arraignment.

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