Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s second child name REVEAL amid divorce documents

The iconic couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have announced their divorce after four years of their marriage. The celebrity couple tied the knot back in 2019. But the couple have filed for divorce. Since they announced their divorce, lots of theories and speculations have evolved about the reason for their separation. But amidst the divorce proceedings, their fans and netizens have been left curious to know how many children they have and what are their names. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner share two daughters together. Notably, the couple did not reveal the name of their second daughter. However, the divorce documents revealed the identity of Sophie Turner’s second daughter. You will get everything that you need to know about their divorce, marriage, and children. Continue reading this article.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner Announced Divorce From Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner who tied the knot to Joe Jonas back in 2019, has announced her divorce from him. Amidst the divorce proceedings, Sophie Turner requested the court to halt their ongoing divorce proceedings temporarily until the custody of her two daughters is decided. Sophie Turner sued Joe Jonas for wrongful retention of their children. She alleged that he withheld their passports and obstructed them from coming to England.

Meanwhile, the celebrity couple filed an interim consent order that shows they agree not to relocate their daughters from certain jurisdictions that lie within the United States District of New York including all five boroughs of Long Island, New York City, and counties up to Westchester. Kindly note that this interim agreement was made without prejudice which means they can not use it against either of them in further divorce proceedings. Reportedly, Sophie Turner’s pretrial conference to take place in the next month. The Games of Thrones actress will attend the pretrial conference on October 3, 2023.

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What Is The Name of Sophie Turner’s Second Daughter?

The couple tied the knot to Joe Jonas back in 2019. From her marriage with Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner gave birth to two daughters. Her elder daughter is currently 3 years old and she is named Willa. But the couple kept the name of their second daughter secret. It remained unknown until the court documents were obtained. According to the court documents, their second daughter is referred to as ‘DJ’ as her name is Delphine. DJ is currently one year old. The couple is currently fighting a legal war for the custody of their two daughters, Willa and Delphine.

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