Joe Biden says ‘What sets us apart from the terrorists is…’ amid Israel-Hamas war

Joe Biden is currently the person who is in the spotlight right now. He is in the spotlight because of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. He is supporting Israel right now and there is a big focus on him. From the start of this war, he is taking part in this war. And now he has given a big statement regarding this war. His recent statement has given a big shock to people. And now Joe Biden has also announced $100 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza and the West Bank and the US has claimed that Israel was now responsible for the Gaza hospital attack.

Joe Biden

In a recent trip the president of the United States, Joe Biden announced the $100 million humanitarian aid to Gaza and the West Bank. He has announced this on his official Twitter (X) account. In his tweet, he said that the money will support more than 1 million displaced and conflict which has affected Palestinian residents. He has also said that they have mechanisms in place so that the aid can reach the peoples who need but this is not for the Hamas or terrorist group. Scroll down to learn more about this war.

From 7th October 2023, the war has started between Israel and Hamas. So far, the Gaza health ministry has claimed that over 3,478 Palestinians have been killed and more than 12,065 people have gone injured in Israeli air strikes. Israel has said that this war was started by Hamas but now Israel is going to end this war. This war has affected many this is till now. It has affected oil prices, the share market, and many more things. Hamas is the terrorist group in Palestine, they first did a surprise attack on Israel after that Israel started a war. And it is now looking like this war is going to stop easily.

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Joe Biden is playing a big part in this war. He has supported Israel from the start of this war and even he is helping the people who have been injured in Gaza but he is not supporting the Hamas or terrorist group. He has recently given a shocking statement in which he said that Israel has been badly victimized and it should be explored the opportunity to relieve the suffering of people in Gaza who have nowhere to go. He also said that if they do not they are going to be held accountable in their way which may become very unfair.

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