Joburg Property Company run by a receptionist and and matric-less ANC leader

What is your opinion about whether unskilled and uneducated board members can run a property company? Most people would say no but there is a company in South Africa that has the city’s 30,700-odd properties despite the most of the board members are unskilled and do not have the required capability to lead the company. Yes, you heard it right, here we are talking about Joburg Property Company also known as Johannesburg Property Company. According to the reports, Johannesburg Property Company’s receptionist, tollgate cashier, and one more person only with a maximum education of 11th grade. Is not it shocking that matric-less employees are appointed in Johannesburg Property Company which is responsible for a portfolio of 30,700 properties? Delve deep into the details and learn more about this Joburg Property Company.

Joburg Property Company
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Matric-Less ANC Leader Leading Joburg Property Company

According to the reports, some board members of Johannesburg Property Company are personally and politically connected with Joburg’s mayoral committee for economic development. Nomoya Mnisi is the MNC responsible for the Johannesburg Property Company. Reports have suggested that some board members of the company belong to her ANC branch in Soweto and some members are in the west of Joburg.

Johannesburg Property Company is an entity that is responsible for Joburg’s 30,700 odd properties worth about R8.7 billion. Nomoya Minis has been accused of trying to use her influence to make the Johannesburg Property Company settle a bill of more than R800K. The allegation further claims the settlement of the bill is about to happen at a Sandton hotel where the Youth League of Johannesburg ANC was organizing a regional conference. Kindly note that Nomoya Mnisi was serving as the treasurer of the Youth League in Johannesburg at that time. Unfold more shocking details of this scandal. Scroll down.

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Johannesburg Property Company Scandal

New revelations are emerging about how Nomoya Mnisi allegedly tried to threaten to retire board members if they did not agree with her. Currently, Johannesburg Property Company is finding it very difficult to maintain its properties as dozen of buildings in the hands of slumlords and collect rents from the residents of those buildings. Meanwhile, it is said that Nomoya Mnisi as a political principle that oversees the company, has an influence on the appointments of the board members. Some sources have claimed that the appointment of unqualified employees to key positions such as receptionist and tollgate cashier, in Joburg was rampant, in all parties that form part of the coalition government.

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