Jeff Bezos offered ₹4 lakh to Amazon employees to resign

Breaking News: Jeff Bezos has now decided “Pay to Quit”. Now Jeff Bezos is offering $5,000 or Rs. 4 lakhs to Amazon employees to resign from their jobs. This amount has been offered to all the employees of Amazon. First, he launched a program in 2014 to retain the committed staff members where he offered $5,000 to the employees to quit the company. Bezos is mostly known for his unconventional leadership approaches. The people on the internet are very confused about why Jeff Bezos is doing this. What is exactly Pay to Quit? So we have brought all the information regarding this decision of Bezos. So read this article till the end to learn everything thing about Pay to Quit.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon, launched a program at Amazon in 2014 to keep on board devoted staff members. This program is for the staff members who are excited to advance their careers with Amazon company. Bezos offered $5,000 or Rs. 4 lakh to the employees who resigned from the company. He offered the Pay to Quit option to maintain committed and motivated employees. To know more look at the next paragraph of this article.

According to the source, Joe Bezos wrote a letter to the shareholders. In the letter, he claimed that the company annually offers to pay the associates to quit. It has been reported that this offer was started with $2,000 and now today this offer has been again initiated at $5,000. In the letter, Bezos has also written, Please Don’t Take This Offer. They Want Them To Stay. Bezos has explained his decision to present the temptation for which he clearly said that his idea is to get individuals to stop and not consider individuals what they want. A worker who stays does not have to be ultimately bad for the company and even for themselves. Continue reading.

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As per the reports, the online retailer located in Los Angeles “Zappos” introduced the idea of launching it before this idea was taken by Jeff Bezos. The behavioral economist, Uri Gneezy has said that Amazon can incentivize employees who are dissatisfied and they do not have any reason to express their feelings by offering them money to resign. The employees who stay are motivated as a result of this tactic. But if there is a situation where they decline the offer those employees invest in the company where are they going to work next? This action boosts commitment and productivity.

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