Jaipur: Communal Tensions Erupts After Bystander’s Death Over ‘Misunderstanding’

Shockingly a man was killed by a group of men following a bike accident. The death of the bystander led to communal tensions to develop in Rajasthan’s Jaipur over the weekend. Due to the threat of communal violence in Jaipur, additional forces were deployed in the city to take the situation under control. However, people have been left curious to know what happened in Ramganj, an area of Jaipur district where the bystander was thrashed and killed. Reportedly, police have nabbed dozens of suspects in connection with the killing of a man in the Ramganj area. What was the bone of contention of the incident? This question has prevailed in people’s minds since this news broke out and communal tensions erupted in the state. Therefore, this incident needs to be discussed in detail. Keep reading this article until it is complete.


Bystander Was Killed After Misunderstanding

Yes, you heard it right, a man was thrashed and killed after sorts of misunderstanding. According to the police, innumerable people have been arrested in the violence case that took place on Friday, September 29, 2023. Police also remarked that the incident was a result of a misunderstanding. Biju George Josephy who is the Police Commissioner ensured that the situation was under control.

Biju Joseph said that the situation came under control after additional forces were deployed. The communal tensions erupted in the city after two motorcycles got involved in an accident. Reportedly, the motorcycle accident took place at Subhash Chowk. After the two bikes collided at Subhash Chowk, a group of men started attacking two bystanders by mistakingly thinking them responsible for the accident. The police commissioner further added, “After the accident, an unfortunate incident of road rage occurred in which two men, who had stopped there to see what had happened, were thrashed by a group of people,”

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Police Arrest Dozen of Suspects

Biju Joseph went on to say that one of the two bystanders died, following which an FIR was filed. As a result of the investigation, police arrested dozens of suspects in connection with the death of a man. Joseph said, One of the two men died. “An FIR has been registered after which we have detained several people involved in the incident. The situation is normal now and complete peace will be restored soon,” Many shopkeepers in the Muslim-dominated regions also shut down their shops following the incident. Stay tubed to this website.

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