Israeli TV Host’s Ma’ayan Adam’s Sister Killed In Israel-Hamas War

This is to inform you that Ma’ayan Adam who is a well-known television host in Israel, is mourning the tragic killing of her sister Mapal Adam. Yes, you heard it right, Ma’ayan Adam’s sister Mapal Adam has been brutally killed by the Hamas militants. Reportedly, the Israeli woman was killed executive-style when she was trying to hide from the Hamas militants near the Gaza Strip at a music festival. Since the news of Ma’ayan Adam’s sister’s death surfaced on the internet, people have been left stunned. What happened to Mapal Adam? We have explained everything about the circumstances surrounding Mapal Adam’s death in the following sections of this column. Drag down the page and unfold more details.

Ma'ayan Adam

Ma’ayan Adam’s Sister Killed In Israel-Hamas War

Ma’ayan Adam who is widely recognized for her appearances on Dancing With The Stars where she works as the host of the show, is currently making headlines because of her sister’s brutal death. The news of Mapal Adam’s killing was confirmed by Ma’ayan Adam through a post shared on Instagram. The Israeli television anchor shared the news with her 300,000 followers. In addition, Ma’ayan Adam also explained the circumstances surrounding her sister’s death.

Reportedly, Mapal Adam tried to hide herself underneath a truck in a bid to evade the Hamas gunmen but she was killed by them.  Reportedly, her boyfriend Roey was also with her. He suffered a gunshot on his back. Roey has survived the attack of Hamas gunmen and he is expected to recover from this injury very soon. This incident reportedly happened on Saturday, October 7, 2023. Ma’ayan Adam wrote on Instagram, “On Saturday afternoon, in this seemingly idyllic setting, Mapal, our beloved, concealed herself beneath a truck, playing dead,” She also shared a picture that Mapal clicked from underneath a truck.

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Mrs. Adam further added that Mapal held out for hours and didn’t move until terrorists killed her execution style. This is the last photo she took, this is her phone. She and her boyfriend, Roey, moved in together this past week and she was the happiest person in the world. He was lying next to her as she lay on the ground, suffered gunshot wounds in the back, and survived to tell us how she died in his arms. Mapal’s sister and the rest of the family members have been crushed into pieces after hearing the news of her death. She was at Nature Party near Kibbutz Reim near Gaza at that time.

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