Government Plans A Bill To Stop Israeli Products Boycott

Since Israel attacked a hospital in Gaza on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, the calls for a boycott the Israeli products and international products that are affiliated with Israel, have become louder. The escalating situation between Israel and Palestine has taken a new turn, people have started demonstrating against Israel for its act of striking a Gaza hospital where nearly 300 innocent people were killed, which is considered an act of killing humanity. Meanwhile, people have lauded their voice to boycott Israeli products in the international market. A person shared the list of companies that announced their support to Israel, to boycott them. He wrote, “The boycott is currently our only weapon against the Israeli occupation” Meanwhile, the government is presenting a bill to ban the public bodies from boycotting Israel. You should know everything about it. Continue reading this article for more details. Swipe down the page.


Israeli Products Boycott

In a bid to stop the boycott against Israeli products, Michael Gove will present a bill next week to ban British public bodies from boycotting Israeli products. This bill will be brought in a move that Conservatives say could worsen British community tensions in the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel.

Reportedly, Michael Gove will present the bill next week on Wednesday in front of the MPs to allow them a chance to amend it before the govt pushes it through following King’s speech next month. Reportedly, the bill is prepared to stop councils and public bodies from boycotting Israeli products and conducting divestment and sanctions campaigns against Israel. To note, the government also criticized two Labour-led public bodies for boycotting Israeli products in the midst of the Israel-Hamas war. Some Conservatives believe that this bill divides the Labour Party and are warning that this bill could inflame tensions between Jewish and Muslim communities.

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Crispin Blunt who is the co-director of the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians and a Conservative MP said, “This bill, as an example of exceptionalism for the state of Israel, is hard to beat. It also bakes impunity into our wider relationship and is disastrous for British influence and the ability to restrain our allies in the ghastly circumstances around Gaza.” He believes that it is obvious that this bill will affect the relations of the communities. He remarked, “It is completely irrational to continue with this bill now.” Stay tuned with us.

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