Israeli Envoy Slams China and Russia For Rejecting UN Resolution

The envoy to the United Nations for Israel reportedly argued with China and Russia after these countries vetoed a US-signed UN resolution condemning the attack of the Hamas Group on Israel. In fact, the Israeli envoy slammed Russia and China after they rejected the US Resolution on the Hamas attack. Gilad Erdan who is the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations argued that the countries who vetoed the US-signed UN resolution might have reacted more forcefully if the same happened with them. Amid the war between Israel and Hamas, countries have divided into two parts supporting Israel and supporting Palestine. China and Russia are among the countries that strictly condemned the strikes of Israel in response to Hamas’s attack on October 7. Here is a lot more poured in the following sections of this article. You are asked to stick with this page and go through this article till the end.

China and Russia

The UN resolution to condemn the attack of Hamas on Israel which was signed by the United States, was rejected by China and Russia prompting Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan to slam Russia and China by saying that these countries might give a more forceful reply if they had faced a similar massacre. Gilad Erdan said, “In Israel, we are fighting for our very survival…If any of your countries endured a similar massacre, I am certain that you would act with much greater force than Israel.”

He kept on saying while pointing to Russia, “There would be no question in your mind that such a barbaric slaughter requires a broad military operation against the terrorists who committed such inhumane atrocities to eradicate their terrorist capabilities in order to make sure that such atrocities can never happen again,” This fierce statement from the Israeli envoy came on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, at the UN Security Council, after China and Russia rejected the US-authored draft resolution on the Middle East.

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The Israeli Ambassador to the UN expressed his shock over China and Russia vetoed the US-authored resolution. He said those who have vetoed the US-led resolution have shown the world that this council is incompetent in doing the most basic task of condemning ISIS-like terrorists (Hamas) and cannot secure the right to self-defense of the victim of these blatant crimes. “Israel has been attacked and continues to be attacked,” said Erdan. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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