Israel-Hamas War: Israel targets Hamas tunnels in latest phase of Gaza war

In this article, we are going at the new updates of the Israel and Hamas war. The Israel vs. Hamas war has now entered its 33rd day. This was started on 7th October 2023 and today is 8th November 2023. This has taken the lives of more than lakhs of people till now.  Now the biggest shocking news regarding this war is that Israel is now forced to enter the heart of Gaza’s main city. The military officers of Israel have claimed that it is employing expensive devices to render the Hamas tunnel network beneath Gaza. Now read this article till the end without missing any single word.

Israel-Hamas war

Israel-Hamas War

Today is the day number 33 of the Israel-Hamas war. Now the biggest update regarding this war is that Israel has officially started an operation in which they are targeting the tunnels of Hamas which are located in the Gaza City. The military of Israel has officially given a statement in which they have said that there are a lot of tunnels of Hamaz, command centers, and rocket launchers. All these are located near to schools, humanitarian institutions, and hospitals in North Gaza. This also includes the AI-Shifa Hospital which is located in Gaza City. This is one of the largest hospitals in the entire Gaza. Continue reading.

It has been reported that there are around 20,000 to 20,000 members who are in the Hamas group. Sources have revealed that the objective of Israel is to target the Hamas field commanders so that the Hama becomes weaker and its ability to launch counterattacks becomes less. The Vice President of the United States held a meeting with the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog on 7th November 2023, Tuesday. They discussed the recent developments in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank. Scroll down to learn more.

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Now regarding the Israel-hamas war, the United States has said that Israel should not preoccupy Gaza now. There is a belief in the US that the key elements should be included. There is now displacement which is a force of Palestinians from Gaza. Not at this time and not even after the war. Recently sources have revealed that more that more than 10,000 rockets have been officially launched from Gaza till now since the war started. The terrorists of Hamas keep launching rockets at Israel. Reports have shown that till now more than 1,500 people have lost their lives in Israel because of the rocket attacks and more than 7,200 people have been injured.

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