Israel-Hamas War: Israel Kills Hamas’s Senior Commander Murad Abu Murad

A major update coming from war-riddle Gaza is that a senior Hamas military commander was killed in Israel’s airstrike on the Gaza Strip. Reportedly, the Israeli army began the ground offensive on the Gaza Strip after it gave a deadline to the one million Palestinians living in northern Gaza to get displaced from there to the south. Israel gave a Saturday deadline to the civilians of the Gaza Strip as it was preparing a major airstrike to execute in response to Hamas’s unprecedented attack on Israel. In a shocking turn of events, a senior Hamas military commander was killed in the airstrike. Reports have claimed that Murad Abu Murad who was responsible for Hamas’s aerial operations in Gaza City, was killed in Israeli airstrikes. Shift to the next section and find more details.

Israel-Hamas War

The Israeli Army has officially announced that it has killed Murad Abu Murad who was the head of Hamas’s Air Force. Reportedly, he was killed in the airstrike carried out on Friday night. The airstrike targeted a Hamas headquarters from which Hamas allegedly conveyed its aerial activity in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Army also said that Murad Abu Murad “was largely responsible for directing terrorists during the massacre on Saturday.” The army of Israel took to X, and stated, “Also, during the last day, fighter jets of the Air Force attacked the operational headquarters of the terrorist organization Hamas, from where the organization’s aerial activities were managed. During the attack, Murad Abu Murad, the head of the air formation in Gaza City who took a large part and directed terrorists in the murderous attack on Saturday, was killed.”

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When Israel gave a deadline to the people living in the northern region of Gaza to escape the area and get relocated to the southern part, over one million people fled the city amid the threat of the deadly airstrikes of the Israeli army. People scrambled to escape the city ahead of an expected ground invasion in response to Hamas’s surprise attack despite warnings from the UN. People in trucks, cars, and donkey carts packed with their possessions rushed a main route southward from Gaza City as the Israeli army hammered the territory with deadly airstrikes on Friday, October 13, 2023. In a shocking turn of events, over 70 people got killed when warplanes struck cars fleeing south, according to Hamas’ media office.

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