Israel-Hamas war: Civilians In Gaza Are Facing Starvation as Food Scarce and Water Not Exist

Recently, the World Food Programme of the United Nations came in support of civilians trapped in Gaza. The UN said that Palestine’s civilians in Gaza were struggling with starvation because food and water had been practically non-existent since the war began between Israel and Hamas. The executive director of WFP which is based in Rome, Cindy McCain issued a statement on Thursday, November 16, 2023, i.e. yesterday, “With winter fast approaching, unsafe and overcrowded shelters, and the lack of clean water, civilians are facing the immediate possibility of starvation,” While issuing a warning to Israel, the WFP said that bread was now scarce that it was impossible to fulfill the hunger needs. You are asked to stick with this page and go through it till the end for more details. Swipe down.

Israel-Hamas War

Israel-Hamas war

The World Food Programme warned of rising hunger for weeks in Gaza. It further added that bread was now scarce or non-existent, and it was impossible to meet current hunger needs with one operational border crossing. The WFP added that the only way to tackle the starvation in Gaza is to open a second safe passage to bring food there. UN’s WFP also added that the shortage of fuel also impeded the delivery of necessary items including food, water, and medics, as trucks that arrived from Egypt were unable to reach civilians because of fuel shortage on Tuesday. Continue reading this article for more details and updates.

Note that the current food supply to Gaza can only meet seven percent of the minimum caloric needs of civilians. On November 16, 2023, the US State Department asserted that Israel must ensure protection for civilians as Israel is about to expand its military operations and go offensive in Gaza. Whereas the health minister of Palestine said on Thursday that around 11,470 civilians have been slaughtered in Gaza since the war between Israel and Hamas broke out. Now it has been more than six weeks since the Israel-Hamas war started.

Reportedly, the most number of civilians were killed in Israeli airstrikes. The Palestinian health ministry added that among the total 11470 civilians killed in Gaza, 4707 were children and 3155 were women. On Wednesday, the Israeli army stormed Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza in a bid to destroy the operating base of Hamas militants and were still searching the large medical complex on Thursday. Hamas runs the Gaza Strip while its political rival, the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority, runs parts of the occupied West Bank.

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