Israel Demands Antonio Guterres’ Immediate Resignation

The Chief of the UN has recently remarked on Hamas’s attack which has sparked in a row. Now Israel has demanded Antonio Guterres’s immediate resignation. The war between Israel and Hamas is currently at its peak level. Many people in Israel and Gaza have lost their lives, including adults, old people, and children. And regarding war, the Ambassador of Israel has demanded the resignation of Antonio Guterres who is the Chief of the UN. Israeli Ambassador has asked Antonio to resign because of showing an understanding of mass murder. This has been officially said yesterday. Read the entire article to learn everything.

Antonio Guterres

On 24 October 2023, Tuesday, the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations demanded that Secretary-General Antonio Guterres should now resign for showing understanding to the mass murder of women, children, and the old age people of Israel. Israeli Ambassador, Gilad Erdan posted a tweet on Twitter (X) in which he said that the @UN Secretary-General, who is showing understanding of mass murder of women, old age people, and children for the campaign is not fit in the position to lead the UN. He wants him to resign immediately. He also said that there are simply no words and there is not any justification or point in talking to those people who are showing compassion for the hilarious atrocities which are committed against the citizens of Jewish and Israeli people.

This post by Israeli Ambassador, Gilard Edran is currently going viral on Twitter (X) as many people are re-sharing this post to support him. Yesterday he also said that the chief of the UN has remarked on Israel-Hamas as proof that he is not aware of the reality of Israel and the rocket attack which were launched by Hamas. He also added that the shocking statement by the UN Secretary-general at the Security Council meeting when the rockets were being fired in Israel. This is proof that he does not know the reality.

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On these allegations by Israeli Ambassador, the UN Chief, Antonio Guterres has made remarks and said the attacks which were made by Hamas did happen in a vacuum. It expresses the understanding of murder and terrorism. This is unfathomable. Sadly, the organization’s head arose after the holocaust is held such terrific views. This is a tragedy. His statement has provoked Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen to cancel the meeting with him. Cohen called innocent victims of evil.

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