Israel Calls Hamas A ‘Terror Group’ India-Israel Relations Remain Unaffected

The major escalation of the Israel-Hamas war took place on October 7, 2023, when Hamas militants shockingly attacked the Israeli territories, in the early hours on October 7. Hamas started a surprise attack by launching a barrage of rockets into central and southern parts of the country. Recently, the spokesperson for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lior Haiat called Hamas an organization of terrorists. He went on to explain that the only way to fight a terror organization is to involve everyone in the war to pay the price. Since Hamas attacked Israel, the Israeli government has been holding top-level meetings to protect its people and demolish the terror group Hamas. Stick with this page and go through this article till the end for more details.


The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel also reiterated the allegation that Iran is backing the terror group Hamas in the Middle East. Lior Haiat said, “Hamas is a terror organization…The only way to fight it is to get each and every terrorist and have him pay the price – not only the ones that participated but also the ones that sent them, the ones that financed them, and the ones that are behind them. We know that Iran is the main financer of terror organizations in the Middle East and they are also deeply involved in what happens in the Gaza Strip, there will be consequences for this attack for each and everyone responsible.”

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Lior Haiat emphasized that the attack of the Hamas group would not impact its relations with India. Furthermore, he asserted that the relations between Israel and India continue to flourish in the future. He added, “I don’t think the war will have an impact on the relations between Israel and India. I do hope that the initiatives will continue to flourish. This is not just for Israel but the entire region…I do believe that the strong relations between Israel and India will continue and get even stronger,”

The major escalation of war took place on Saturday, October 7, 2023, after a surprise attack by the Hamas group. Israeli media, The Times of Israel, claimed that so far over 1000 people have died in this war while over 3000 have been injured by Hamas attacks. Although, Israel is seeking help from many other countries including India. Israel thanked  PM Modi for the support. Stay tuned.

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