Islamic State terrorist Arrested suspected: Karnataka Police working closely with Delhi Police

Karnataka Police have paced up the investigation to catch the suspected Islamic State terrorist after three suspects were nabbed by Delhi Police last month. Recently, a senior official of Karnataka Police said that they are in contact with Delhi Police since three suspects of the IS group were arrested last month. Karnataka Police have learned from the sources that the suspects are backed by Pakistan’s ISI. As it is a matter of national security and cross-border tension, the authorities have been alarmed about the situation. As a result, Karnataka Police launched an intensive investigation to catch the perpetrators. Since this news broke out people have been keenly following the updates. The latest updates shared by Karnataka Police have been poured in this article. Keep reading this article for more details.

Islamic State

Karnataka Police In Contact With Delhi Police Regarding Suspected IS Terrorist

Karnataka Police in its recent statement said that they were continuously talking with Delhi Police officials regarding the arrests of three suspected Islamic State terrorists. Delhi Police’s special cell reportedly apprehended three people on suspicion of being part of the Islamic State group allegedly backed by Pakistan’s ISI. Meanwhile, Karnataka Police have launched an intensive investigation in the state too.

Three People Were Arrested In Delhi

According to the reports, Delhi Police arrested one of the three suspects from South Delhi. The suspect was identified as Shahnawaz. Two other men were also arrested along with Shahnawaz, they were identified as Mohammad Arshad Warsi and Mohammad Rizwan Ashraf. Dharwad Police Commissioner Renuka Sukumar Hubballi said, “We are in constant touch with Delhi Police. As of now, there is no official word regarding those arrested belonging to or trained in this part of Karnataka. We are constantly monitoring the situation. In a robust manner, we keep an eye on this kind of activity. What is happening, we are aware of these situations,”

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During the investigation, the investigators found that the suspects in question carried out extensive ground surveillance. The suspects allegedly established secure locations for their hideouts therefore their scope spanned the Western Coast in cities like Dharwad, Hubbali, and Ahmedabad. Police commissioner said one of the suspects Shahnawaz is a mining engineer and his wife is Banstai Patel who converted to Islam now known as Mariam. Shahnawaz is a former student of Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology. The arrested men have been produced before the court. They are currently under police remand for the next 14 days.

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