Is Idaho Alyssa Found Yet? Missing Update

People are looking for an update on the missing report of Idaho Alyssa. Ever since Idaho is missing people are trying to find her. We know that the cases of human trafficking are increasing and that is why it is important to find out the missing person. Most of the time, a missing person is found in miserable condition and that is why it is getting tough as well as necessary for the police to find the missing person on time. Speaking about this case, Idaho Alyssa Jones was reported missing in the month of May 2023. Since then the police is looking for her and even requested people to assist them in this case.

Idaho Alyssa Jones

Is Idaho Alyssa Found Yet?

It has been already 2 months since the 14-year-old girl went missing but no trace of her has been found yet. Her family and police authority are getting worried for her and trying to find her location. She was even reported as a runaway child on 21st May 2023 in Baise, Idaho. Her family even requested social media to help them in order to locate their missing girl. As per the mother, Joanna Rilang, her daughter was last seen on the night of 20th May 2023. She was coming after completing her commercial cleaning job which she was doing at Automated Maintenance Services. Her mother further added that she was lying down in her bed for the night, and the girl came into her room and kissed her.

She even says I love you to her. At that time her mother did not understand why suddenly she was showing her love but the next morning she understood everything. She was not alone who went missing even her 2 feet long reptile whom they called Juliette was also missing from her terrarium. As per her mother, on 21st May 2023, her family woke up around 11:00 AM as they were getting ready to travel to Lucky Peak Reservoir to connect rocks for the cages of their 3 pet bearded dragons, Spike, Juliette, Juliette II.

Alyssa was not in her room when the youngest sister of her came to wake her up. In order to find out if her daughter was dropping by, Rilang allegedly knocked on the doors of neighbors and gave out her phone number to everyone she believed Alyssa was with her. But sadly, they were not able to find her. The teen girl was yet to be found. The family of Alyssa Jones is waiting for her to come back. The worried mother has been distributing flyers, looking for leads on social media, and serving with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


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