Is Blueface hacked? Massively trolled over Hernia post online

Recently, rapper Blueface faced a huge backlash and felt the heat of criticism on social media after a post was shared on his Twitter account on September 24, 2023. On Sunday, September 24, 2023, a tweet was shared from Blueface’s Twitter account, it shows a picture of his son. The rapper faced backlash for sharing a picture of his son because it shows his son’s hernia. Nonetheless, the post was also written in crude language blaming his son’s mother for his health condition. Meanwhile, this post took no time to go viral and turn the traction on Twitter. As a result of it, this post sparked widespread anger among the fans leading them to criticize Blueface for his crude language and for sharing his son’s hernia picture on Twitter. But did Blueface really share the picture? You should explore more details about this controversy. Scroll down the page.

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Was Blueface’s Phone Hacked?

After facing a huge backlash from his fans, rapper Blueface denied the allegations and claimed his phone was hacked. This statement from the rapper came after a picture of his son Chrisean Jesus Malone’s hernia was shared on Twitter on Sunday, September 24, and he blamed Chrisean Jesus Malone’s mother Chrisean Rock for the child’s current health condition. However, the Twitter post was later deleted by the rapper when some fans on Twitter said the rapper should go to jail for sharing sensitive pictures online. In the meantime, a widespread outrage sparked among the fans. Shortly after it, rapper Blueface came forth to respond to the ongoing rumors.

Blueface Responded To Viral Picture Of His Son

The rapper came to the fore to explain who shared the picture and what was the reason behind it. Blueface claimed that his mobile phone was stolen yesterday and his social media account was hacked. However, fans are not supposed to be convinced by the rapper’s claims. They are sharing hilarious memes on social media depicting that they do not believe his explanation.

Johnathan Hamall Porter aka Blueface’s Twitter account shared a series of tweets with his baby’s hernia picture. The post captioned, “This what my son d*ck look like she worried about me a lil baby c*ck like bih get our son c*ck right then do what you want. Baby still ain’t had the surgery for his hernia.” Further, the rapper’s Twitter account blamed his son’s mother Jesus Malone for the infant’s surgery getting delayed. Stay tuned.

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