Iran Helped Hamas To Plot Deadly Attack On Israel

As we all know about the Israel and Hamas war. Recently, we all got to learn that Hamas attacked with rockets on Israel. Because of that rocket attack more than 250 people died on the spot and many people were injured. So after the attack of Hamas Israel announced the war. Now there is the biggest news has come out and this news has given a big shock to everyone. It has been recently announced that Iran has helped Hamas to plot the deadly attack on Israel. Yes, this is the recent news and it has turned out as completely shocking. Read the entire article to know everything.


According to The Wall Street Journal, it has been reported that the Iran Revolutionary Guard has worked with Hamas for the planning to attack Israel. It has also been said that the assault was approved at the time of the meeting in Beirut which happened last week. Because of the war between Israel and Hamras till now more than 1,000 people have lost their lives. The planning of Iran and Hamas to attack Israel was started in August 2023. Some people don’t know what is Hamas so Hamas is the Shiite militant group that holds control in Gaza while Hezbollah is a political faction that is backed by Iran in Lebanon.

Iran and Hamas confirmed to attack on Israel last week in a meeting in Beirut. This meeting was attended by the IRGC officers with four representatives of the Iraninan-backed militant organization. The senior officer of Hamas, Mahmoud Mirdawi said that the group planned to attack on its own and this is the decision of Hamas and Palestinians. Because of this attack by the Palestinian militant group the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu claimed the mighty vengeance for this blacked day. After this surprise attack, the PM of Israel announced a war.

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So Israel started attacking Hamas as Israeli air strikes have hit some housing blocks, a mosque, tunnels, and homes of Hamas officials which are located in Gaza reports say that because of this strike by Israel in Gaza more than 370 people died which also including 20 children. Till now more than 1,000 people have died because of this ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. The army of Israel is now sending reinforcement against the militants of Hamas who are in Israel’s territory. Because of this Israel has said that the enemy is still on the ground in Israel.

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