Instagram Flipside Feature Explained: What Is It And How To Use

Instagram is testing the flipside. This news has been recently released by the officials. This is a new feature that will feature a finsta feature that already kind of exists. Instagram is currently in the testing mood. The platform is testing another feature meant to give users an alternative to finstas. It is known as the flipside. It is going to follow users to make a secondary picture grid which is going to see what friends can see. There are some more things revealed about this new feature. To learn everything about his feature, so read this article till the end and do not miss any line of this article.

Instagram flipside
Image Credit: Alessandro Paluzzi.

Instagram Flipside Feature Explained

According to the source, currently, Instagram is testing a new feature which is named the flipside. It is meant to give individuals an alternative to finstas. Official has revealed that this feature is going to allow all the users to create a secondary image grid which can only be able to seen by designated friends. If it looks familiar it may be because Instagram has already created it pretty easy for users to create posters intended for a very limited audience. Scroll down to learn more about this feature.

Sources have revealed that the Instagram application has added some ability for the users to share the grid posts with their close friends in November. It has been updated so that it tests audience lists for stories so that people can create different lists for every single small group sharing. Flipside is going to offer another way of making essential the same thing. All the users are going to create a different list of friends, distinct from close friends, to add to their flipside. users can choose to post to their main grid or their flipside. Continue reading this article in the next paragraph of this article.

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Some reactions have been already made to the Instagram Flipside feature. The reactions seem to be mixed. It has added some enthusiasm for the update and some wondering why people need yet another social media profile to be maintained. Some people are claiming that this feature is nothing exciting. Instagram should be focusing on some new and unique ways to get people to spend some more time posting to and scrolling their Insta feeds. More details of the Instagram flipside feature are going to be revealed after the completion of the test. So keep following techballad.

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