Indian Stuck In Israel After Multi-Front Attack By Hamas

Israel has officially declared war against Hamas militants after thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza to offend the civilians of Israel. According to the reports, some Indians are also stuck in Israel where Hamas has been attacking civilians including children and women. Reportedly, Hamas militants also hostage hundreds of people after sneaking into Israel’s territory through land, water, and air. Amid a war between Israel and Hamas, India issued an advisory for its citizens stuck in Israel during these unconventional circumstances. People around the world have been praying for the civilians stuck in Israel. Meanwhile, the Indian government has issued an advisory for people stuck in Israel. You should keep reading this article till the end to know more details.


India issues advisory for Indians stuck in Israel

An Indian who is living in Israel took to social media in a bid to seek help from the Indian government. He detailed the circumstances in the social media, that he has been facing since Hamas militants fired thousands of missile rockets on Israel and sneaked into its territory. Reportedly, the Indian who is stuck in Israel and took to social media is named Prasad. He said more than 5,000 rockets have been fired on Israel. Prasad shared a video of him on the internet. In the clip he is saying, “We are in deep trouble. More than 5,000 rockets have been fired [on Israel] till now. We are in deep trouble right now. Neither we can go outside, nor we can stay inside”

Indian Pilgrimage Stuck in Bethlehem

Following the attack of Hamas on Israel, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya Conrad Sangma said that around 27 pilgrims who went to Jerusalem are stuck in Bethlehem amid the rising tensions between Palestine and Israel. The CM of Meghalaya also said he is reaching out to the Ministry of External Affairs to ensure their people are safe and will be rescued.

Meghalaya Chief Minister took to X and wrote, “27 citizens of Meghalaya who traveled for the Holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem are stuck in Bethlehem due to the tension between Israel and Palestine. I am in touch with the Ministry of External Affairs to ensure their safe passage back home.” Following Hamas militants’ attack on Israel, Israel also declared war on Gaza and started Operation Iron Swords to neutralize Hamas militants in Gaza. India issued an advisory for its people stuck in Israel, asking them to observe safety protocols and remain vigilant.

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