Indian Mines Ministry To Support R&D Projects To Secure Critical Earth Minerals

Indian mines ministry recently invited research and development proposals from academic institutions for mining technology including green mining and deep-sea, to secure supplies of imperative and rare earth minerals. Apparently, India is scaling up its efforts to secure supplies of critical and rare earth minerals. Meanwhile, the Indian government has been preparing to establish and support R&D projects focused on critical, rare earth and deep-seated minerals like nickel, lithium, and tungsten for more than three years. In case, you are scrambling to the web regarding the efforts of the mines ministry for critical and rare earth minerals, the following sections are waiting for you. Swipe down the page and learn more about it.

Indian Mines

Reportedly, the mines ministry is seeking to build sustainable solutions with the help of technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning for exploration, the Internet of Things, prospecting, and mining strategically critical minerals found in difficult locations. Meanwhile, the ministry issued an official invitation to academic institutions for mining technology including green mining and deep-sea. Shift to the next section and read more details.

The official note released by the mines ministry reads, “Projects are invited from academic institutions, universities, national institutes, and R&D institutions recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, for up to three years on the identified topics of directed R&D and in thrust areas which have a direct bearing on the mineral sector, applied and sustainable aspect of mining and industrial applications,” Recently, the private sector was made accessible for mining. Meanwhile, the ministry came up with a proposal for the establishment of R&D projects to secure critical minerals like nickel, lithium, and tungsten. Read more details in the further section. Scroll down.

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For these mineral blocks, the government will conduct auctions in which private mining companies will bid to process these mineral blocks. The ministry revised the mining legislation to eliminate various atomic and critical minerals including lithium and nickel from the restricted list to allow the private sector to participate in the auction for mining, during the monsoon session. On condition of anonymity a government official privy to the matter said, “For several mineral categories, spanning critical, strategic, deep-seated and rare earth, mining will be fine for the very first time. The government’s R&D initiatives seek to employ the right technologies so that mining can be undertaken most efficiently and sustainably,” Stay tuned.

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