Indian Govt Announced Operation Ajay To Help Indian In Israel

Since the Hamas group attacked Israel in a shocking turn of events, the other countries have been relentlessly working to rescue its people stuck in war-hit country Israel. Likewise, India is also not leaving any stone unturned to bring back its people from Israel where around 18000 Indians are currently stuck. Amid the escalating situation between the two Middle Eastern countries, Israel and Palestine, India launched Operation Ajay to help Indians residing in Israel. Since the Indian government announced Operation Ajay on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, people have been keenly taking over the internet to unfold more details of this rescue operation. If you are also scrambling to the internet regarding Operation Ajay, the following sections are waiting for you. Continue reading this article.

Indian Govt

On Wednesday, the Indian government announced a much-awaited and indeed operation titled “Operation Ajay”. This operation was announced to bring back Indians from Israel as new tension was triggered in the country as the Palestinian group Hamas frequently attacked Israeli territories over the weekend. The External Affairs Ministry announced that as many as 18000 Indians were struck in Israel during the war situation developed there.

On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, the External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar took to X formerly known as Twitter to write, “Launching #OperationAjay to facilitate the return from Israel of our citizens who wish to return.” Since EAM announced Operation Ajay, Indians have been curiously asking questions about it. This operation was launched to facilitate the return of Indians who wanted to return from Israel. The Indian government is arranging charter flights and other necessary arrangements to rescue its citizens stuck in Israel. This step of the Indian government shows how the nation is committed to the safety and well-being of its people aboard.

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According to the reports, the first batch of citizens in Israel is expected to be brought back on a special flight on Thursday, October 12, 2023. Kindly note that the Indian embassy in Israel e-mailed the first lot of registered Indian citizens who want to come back to India, for the special flight. “Messages to other registered people will follow for subsequent flights,” the Indian embassy wrote on X. Meanwhile, a round-the-clock control room has been set up in Delhi to provide emergency helplines in Ramallah and Tel Aviv to monitor the situation and provide information and aid to the Indian citizens. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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