India To Become Largest Hub of Developers In The World

India’s developer count has been rapidly increasing on renowned online software development platform GitHub. In its annual Octoverse report, GitHub claimed that India’s developer community has grown to 13.2 million. In addition, it is also believed that India will surpass the United States by 2027 in terms of number of developers. GitHub which is hosting its global developer’s conference said India witnessed a massive growth in developers count as more than 3.5 million developers joined GitHub this year. If you are scrambling to the web regarding the same, the following sections are waiting for you. Kindly stick with this page and read it in detail about how India is anticipated to be the largest hub of developers in the world. Drag down the page and read more details.


India To Become Largest Hub of Developers In The World

GitHub’s Octoverse report claimed that India is likely to become number one in terms of developer count by 2027. Currently, the United States is the leading nation in terms of developers count but 2023’s report saw a massive growth adding as many as 3.5 million new developers on GitHub. Therefore, it is said that India is on its way to leading the industry with the most numbers of developers.

The Vice-President of APAC at GitHub, Sharryn Napier said, “India’s growing developer community is central to the country’s position as an innovation powerhouse. It’s exciting to see Indian developers making significant contributions to generative AI projects on GitHub, highlighting India’s growing significance in the AI landscape, with the country’s developers directly shaping the future of AI innovation worldwide,” He further added that the influence of India on tech is evident thanks to its open source contributions. Therefore, the renowned online software development platform is aiming to increase India’s impact by equipping Indian developers with AI and accelerating innovation, productivity, and overall progress.

The latest edition of the State of the Octoverse of GitHub report depicts that generative AI is driving an effective global spike in individual contributors to generative AI projects with 148% year-over-year growth. Apart from India, Germany and the US are leading in terms of developer count, followed by Japan, the UK, Hong Kong, and France. Octoverse also indicated the trajectory of the Indian developer community which saw growth including a 36 percent increase in 2023. It also stated that the UN-backed Digital Public Goods Alliance and India’s efforts toward building a digital public infrastructure with open materials from software to AI models have played a key role in this growth.