India Surpasses China In Terms of Students Studying In Germany

Recently, data showed that India outpaced China in terms of foreign students in Germany. Yes, Indian students pursuing courses in Germany increased significantly in the span of the past four years surpassing China. The report was presented by which claimed that the number of students from India in Germany grew by 107 percent in four years. Since this report came to light, it has been turning eyeballs and making headlines everywhere. Netizens have been curious to get more about this story. Therefore, we have published this article to share in-depth details of the report shared by Kindly go through the column till the end. Drag down the page for more details.


India has become the largest source of foreign students in Germany after surpassing China. Reportedly, over the past four years, the density of Indian students studying in German Universities grew by 107 percent which is huge. Previously, China was the biggest source of foreign students studying in German institutions but recently India replaced China by surpassing 29,137 students from China enrolled in German institutions. For more in-depth detail shift to the next section. Scroll down.

In recent years, the number of students flying to Germany from China reportedly remained stable with around 39,000 to 40000. In 2019, approximately 39,871 students from China were enrolled in German Universities and this figure is still almost identical in 2023 too. Meanwhile, the outflow of Indian students in stark contrast to Chinese, significantly grew in recent years. In 2019, only 20,562 students were enrolled as German students in comparison to 39000 Chinese students, but this number surged to 42,578 in 2023 showing a growth of 107 percent since 2019. Currently, India is the front-runner of international student representation in Germany. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Apart from China and India, other countries that contribute greatly to the international student population in Germany are Syria, Austria, Turkey, and Iran with 15,563, 14,762, 14,732, and 13,279 students respectively. The diversity of international students highlights the global appeal and reputation of Germany as a hub for high-quality education and research. It is said that besides the high-quality education system and affordable tuition fees, the post-study work policies of Germany are the reason that makes the country an attractive destination for Indian students. It is also said that the increased outflow of Indian students in Germany will enhance cultural exchange and mutual understanding. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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