India and Canada feud threatens to hurt trade and investment

Since Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused the Indian government of staging the killing of a Sikh separatist leader who was a resident of Canada, in British Columbia, tensions between the two countries have sparked. In a tit-for-tat response, both countries have expelled their senior diplomats from their respective countries. As a result of the deterioration of India-Canada ties, threats spilled over both countries’ economies. Notably, India has stopped issuing visas to Canadian civilians while Canada has decided to lower the number of embassy staff as security threats in India have risen. We have come up with this column to shed light on what’s at stake amid the Canada-India feud. You should go through this article till the end. Scroll down for more details.


Students May Stop From Going Canada For Higher Education

After the Indian Government issued a safety advisory, students from India may be stopped from going to Canada for higher education. If it happens, this repercussion would affect about $16.3 billion annually in revenues. Do you know approximately a fifth of the total immigrants to Canada are Indians? According to government data, one-fifth of the total immigrants in Canada are Indians. In return, remittances from Canada were even less than 1 percent of the total people who traveled to Canada. This is due to immigrants settling down in Canada and also calling their families. Therefore, 90 percent of immigration results in Canada’s labor force growth because young people join the labor force.

Notably, a substantial amount of immigrants to Canada from India are Sikhs. According to data, Sikhs are 1.7 percent of India’s total population therefore Canada accounts for the highest number of Sikhs outside India. In Canada, immigrants from India account for the maximum number of international students doing their higher education. Last year, Indian students made up more than 28% of the total foreign students in Canada. Not to mention, education is a sector that contributes over 15% of Canada’s services exports annually. Global Affairs Canada’s latest report depicts in 2019 that international students contributed 1.3% to Canada’s GDP.

Trudeau Accused India Of Orchestering Sikh’s Murder

At the G-20 meeting, there were no bilateral meetings between Canada and India. Tensions had already started developing. The matter became hot when Trudeau accused the Indian government of Sikh’s murder. However, the Indian Prime Minister criticized Canada by referring it to as a safe haven for criminals and separatist groups. India denies all the allegations levied by Canada.

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