IMD Advises to Avoid Bay of Bengal Due To Intensified Cyclone Hamoon

IMD warned the fishermen to stay ashore as Cyclone Hamoon has intensified and entered the severe cyclonic storm category, in its latest press release. According to the reports, IMD advised people to avoid the coastal area of the Bay of Bengal for the next couple of days until Wednesday from Tuesday. In addition, the Indian Meteorological Department also cited that the Odisha coast and the northern Bay of Bengal could also be impacted by the intensified Cyclone Hamoon. Therefore, people especially fishermen are advised to avoid going to the coastal area. Here we have a lot more to share with you about the cyclonic storm due to Cyclone Hamoon, in the following sections. Shift to the following section and read more details.


On Monday, the IMD announced the deep depression to a severe Cyclonic Storm in the West-Central Bay of Bengal. Iran named this cyclonic storm “Hamoon” which is a Persian word. Hamoon refers to inland desert lakes or marshlands, which are natural reservoirs in areas adjacent to the Helmand basin. The Indian Meteorological Department took to X formerly known as Twitter and wrote, “Cyclonic storm Hamoon intensified into a severe cyclonic storm over the northwest Bay of Bengal”. Shift to the following section and read more details.

Uma Shankar Das, who is a senior scientist at the Indian Meteorological Department in Bhubaneswar told the media, “Yesterday’s deep depression that has moved with a speed of 13 km/hour in the Northeast direction, is very likely to intensify into a very cyclonic storm in the next 6 hours.” Yes, IMD added that Cyclone Hamoon is moving with a speed of 13 km/hour in the northeast direction. The speed of the cyclone is anticipated to be intensified severely in the coming hours.

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Therefore, IMD issued a warning for the fishermen and other people because weather conditions are likely to remain turbulent till Wednesday. Thus, fishermen are advised to avoid venturing into the sea from Tuesday to Wednesday. Uma Shankar Das said that sea conditions would be rough to very rough till that evening and from the next day the sea conditions would be very rough to high. Das added, “It is the time of paddy harvesting, so those people who are harvesting are advised to complete it fast and keep it in a safe place,” The fishermen have been advised not to go into the West-central Bay of Bengal till October 25, 2023, and the north Bay of Bengal till October 26, 2023.

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