IIT-Hyderabad Considering ‘Pure Veg’ Section And Mess

Earlier IIT-Bombay was facing allegations of caste discrimination, now IIT-Hyderabad is facing accusations of non-vegetarian students being forced to eat vegetarian meals. Due to some students reserving the dining hall for vegetarians, the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay was facing allegations of caste discrimination. At IIT-Hyderabad, the non-vegetarian pupils are now expressing concern about being forced to eat vegetarian meals in the upcoming semester if they do not register for non-vegetarian food at the canteens. Meanwhile, an email has been sent to IIT-Hyderabad to conduct a survey for hostel students with the aim of gauging if pupils were interested in registering for a dining hall serving vegetarian meals. You should explore this story completely. Scroll down.


IIT-Hyderabad May Form Pure Veg Dining Hall

As per the reports, the survey was suggested by the Director of IIT-Hyderabad and some students. Reportedly, another email was forwarded to the students who did not choose the pure veg dining hall option. The email was to inform those student to complete their registration for it. The survey ended on the next day when it was started. At the start of August month, IIT-Hyderabad students saw that a specific area for vegetarian students formed within the new mess dining hall.

For the unversed, the IIT-Hyderabad campus has two canteens, the old canteen and the new canteen. Reportedly, the old canteen does not have any partition for vegetarian and non-vegetarian students but the new canteen has a vegetarian-only section where faculty and staff members come to eat. A student of IIT-Hyderabad said on condition of being anonymous, “The old canteen does not have any such segregation. The vegetarian-only section is in the new canteen, where even faculty and other staff members come to eat now. It may also have something to do with the faculty members. They have set up a separate section entirely with utensils for vegetarians. The result of that survey was not made public,”

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A faculty member of IIT-Hyderabad claimed that the introduction of the vegetarian section was influenced by the presence of other faculty members who use the same canteen. The IIT-H teacher also added that a portion of the faculty belongs to upper-caste groups. Therefore, caste discrimination allegations are also popping up against IIT-Hyderabad. Another survey was carried out on September 12 to take feedback before selecting the catering services for the possibility of running a veg mess in the dining hall. Stay tuned.

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