ICC Decide To Not Ban Muhammad Rizwan For Supporting Gaza Via A Tweet

Pakistan’s superstar wicket-keeper batsman Mohammad Rizwan is likely to be in big trouble because of his on-field act. Although the reason sounds bizarre it is also possible that the ICC can take strict action against him. You might wonder but a Supreme Court advocate has filed a complaint with the ICC against Mohammad Rizwan for offering namaz during the match. Yes, you read it right, an SC lawyer filed a complaint with the International Cricket Council for offering namaz during a match. It is said that the complaint was about Mohammad Rizwan’s on-field act of offering namaz during the Pakistan-Netherlands match which was played in Hyderabad on October 6, 2023. If you are interested in unfolding more details of this story, stick with this page and go through this article till the end. Swipe down the page.

Muhammad Rizwan

ICC Decide To Not Ban Muhammad Rizwan

Since this news broke out, cricket fans have eagerly asked who is the complainant. Reportedly, the complaint was filed with the ICC by Vineet Jindal, a Supreme Court lawyer. Although Jindal’s reason for filing a complaint against Mohammad Rizwan sounds quite bizarre. Supreme Court lawyer Jindal cited in the complaint that Mohammad Rizwan had defeated the spirit of sports by offering namaz on the ground.

Following a complaint filed by Vineet Jindal, some fans are speculating if Mohammad Rizwan could face a ban if ICC disallows him from offering namaz. Earlier, Wicket-keeper batsman Mohammad Rizwan also supported Gaza amid the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. However, Rizwan faced huge criticism for supporting Gaza. For the unversed, the complainant Vineet Jindal is the same person who also filed a complaint against Zainab Abbas, a Pakistani host and commentator. He claimed Abbas’s tweets were blasphemous and offensive towards Hinduism and Indians.

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However, it was not the first time when Mohammad Rizwan offered a prayer on the ground. The star batsman also did the same against India during the T20 World Cup 2021 in Dubai but that time the batsman was not criticized for his on-field act. Earlier ICC refused to take any action against Rizwan for showing support to Gaza amid the ongoing war between Palestine and Israel. The ICC said that it is not in their authority to take action against anyone for what he does outside the field. It would be up to the PCB and Rizwan himself if any action were to be taken.

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