Hurricane Daniel Libya Death Toll: 10,000 Feared Dead in Libya

In a shocking turn of events, in recent heavy rains in northeastern Libya, 5,000 people died and 10,000 people went missing. This is the biggest shocking case of the current time. This heavy rain has given a big shock to the community of northeastern Libya. This is the biggest devastating turn for the community of Libya. The news of this incident is going viral on the internet. This news is at the top of the headline. Now Netizens are very curious to learn everything about this case. So read this article till the end and do not miss anything if you want to know everything about this case.

Hurricane Daniel Libya

Hurricane Daniel Libya

Heavy rains in northeastern Libya caused 5,000 people to die. It is not confirmed whether they died because currently by law enforcement it is presumed that 5,000 people have died. And a total of 10,000 people are missing now. This is the biggest shocking news of this time. Because of this heavy rain incident, it has caused two dams to collapse which has surged more water into already inundated areas. The community of Libya is in a devastating moment right now as many things have been damaged because of this unexpected heavy rain. The people of northeastern Libya are facing a lot of loss. Keep reading.

The head of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies delegation in Libya, Tamer Ramadan has given a number of missing individuals during the inspection to the reporters in Geneva, Switzerland on 13th September 2023, Tuesday. She said The death number is huge. She presumed that more than 5,000 people had died in this rain incident. But till now it is not sure what is the exact number of deceased people. But this rain has caused a huge loss of lives for many families. It has been reported that in death people almost 14 were Egyptian this has been claimed by the officials. They have said this in the northeastern city of Tobruk, Libya. Scroll down to learn more about this devastating incident.

Till now even it has not claimed how many people are missing. It has been claimed that in the eastern city of Derna total of 6,000 people are missing right now and many more people are missing. It has been assumed that a total of 10,000 people are missing. This has been said by Othman Abduljalil who is the health minister in Libya’s eastern administration. He has also said that this is a catastrophic situation. Further details about this case will be updated soon.