HSBC To Disable Texting On Employees’ Work Phones

An important update for the workers of HSBC Holdings Plc as the company is planning to block sending or receiving text messages on the phones issued by the company to its employees. Yes, you read it right, HSBC will block staff from texting on their work phones, said people familiar with the development. According to the sources with knowledge of the matter, HSBC will stop texting on its work phones in the latest fallout. The unauthorized methods of communication will be completely hindered. Therefore, the company is in the process of limiting the work phones of its employees. To know more about this development, you need to go through this article till the end. Swipe down the page.


The company is currently working on disabling the facility of sending or receiving messages on the company’s issued mobile phones. After this development which is currently under process, the workers of HSBC will not be able to receive or send text messages on their work phones. As there is no official statement from HSBC regarding the same, the people with knowledge of the matter asked to remain anonymous. The ban on text messages would be applied soon across the bank.

For the unversed, the HSBC bank had put a ban on using WhatsApp on their work phones. A spokesperson for the HSBC ban said, “Banks use a wide range of approved channels to communicate in compliance with regulatory obligations. HSBC, like many other banks, reviews and adjusts functionality on its corporate devices as needed.” There will also be an exception in that a few people will be allowed by the bank to text through their work phones issued by the bank but their activities will be archived. Will the personal phones of the bank staff also be affected? Swipe down the page and find out more details.

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No, the personal devices will remain unaffected which means employees can send or receive text messages through their personal devices. The reason the bank is disabling the feature of texting on company-issued devices is that financial watchdogs investigate the devices and systems used by traders and dealmakers to share information, and the way their employers keep track of these. This move is aimed at preventing financial misconduct after high-profile cases of market manipulation at some of the biggest banks on Wall Street. Stay tuned to this website.

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