How To Get Killer7 in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

The remake of Resident Evil 4 follows Agent Leon S. Kennedy as he attempts to locate and save the president’s daughter from a deranged sect. At the start of his search, he learns that if he wants to finish his task, he will have to fight his way through many groups of infected villagers, but the weapons he starts with aren’t very strong.

Leon won’t have to stick with the guns he starts with for too long, thanks to the fact that RE4 remake lets players change their weapon loadout quite often. As Leon plays through the parts of the game, he can find different guns that he can use in battle. Some, like the Killer7 magnum, are better than others.

How to Acquire the Killer7 Magnum Within Resident Evil 4 Remake?

How To Get Killer7 in Resident Evil 4 Remake
How To Get Killer7 in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Even though they don’t look like it, the magnums you can use in Resident Evil 4 version can do a lot of damage to all enemies. In Chapter 7, if players talk to the Merchant and buy the Broken Butterfly from him, they will have a chance to get a magnum.

Those who want to get the Killer7 magnum, on the other hand, will have to keep playing the main game until Chapter 13. In Chapter 13 or later, players will need to find the Merchant and talk to him or her in order to get the Killer7 magnum.

Did you know that the Steam version of Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remake just got an update that takes away a big feature? Ray tracing is no longer an option for graphics in the recreated classics, even if computers can support it:

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They can buy the weapon from him for 77,700 Pesetas. The Killer7 is an expensive weapon, but players who want to get the Gun Fanatic trophy or badge will have to buy it at some point.

Is it Worth It to Get the Killer7 Magnum? The Killer7 magnum is likely to be one of the last guns Leon gets in Resident Evil 4 remake unless players start a New Game+ after finishing the story.

Players will probably already have a set of weapons they like, so they might not want to buy the Killer7, especially since it is so expensive.

Still, the Killer7 magnum might be the best magnum in the whole game, which makes its price of 77,700 Pesetas seem low compared to other guns that aren’t as good.

  • The Killer7 has a laser sight, which makes it easier to sh00t than the Broken Butterfly.
  • When fully upgraded, it has 28.0 Power, which is a little better than the Broken Butterfly, which only has 27.0 Power when fully improved.
  • The Killer7 can hold up to 15 bullets, while the Broken Butterfly can only hold up to 10.
  • The highest level of the Killer7’s Reload Speed is 1.40, while the highest level of the Broken Butterfly is 5.
  • When fully upgraded, the Killer7’s Rate of Fire is 1.16, but the Broken Butterfly’s is 1.33.

Players who want power over speed should consider getting the Killer7, which is stronger than the Broken Butterfly. Players who want faster firing and reloading should stick with the Broken Butterfly.

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The Handcannon magnum, which is unlocked by finishing Resident Evil 4 version on Professional Mode, is better than the Killer7 in every way except Rate of Fire. However, it is much harder to get, so Killer7 is the better choice in the long run.

If players have extra Pesetas by the time they can buy the Killer7 magnum, they should strongly consider doing so, as the laser sight alone makes the purchase worth it. The remake of Resident Evil 4 is now out for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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