How to Complete Stronghold DMZ: A Guide to Clearing Them Quickly

In the game Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ, there are a number of Faction Missions that are connected to Strongholds. One such task comes from the White Lotus Faction at Tier 3 and is called Fast and Strong. It challenges players to clear three Strongholds in less than 15 seconds after activating each one. This is a method on how to quickly establish a Stronghold that you can follow.

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Mission Guide for the DMZ That Is Both Quick and Strong

Once you have a keycard, you need to make sure that the Stronghold you choose is a somewhat modest-sized building. Stay away from large warehouses and buildings with three levels. Now, search for any cracks or openings through which you might be able to view the Stronghold.

How to Complete Stronghold DMZ
How to Complete Stronghold DMZ

These kinds of structures typically have a limited number of windows. You have the ability to make your way to these windows and eliminate any apparent guards that are located inside the closed Strongholds.

You can also kill some of the enemies outside by throwing a couple of Drill Charges against the outer walls. After you have eliminated as many AQ Soldiers as you can from the outside, use your keycard to access the Stronghold, and then immediately begin securing each room and floor with lightning speed.

If you are participating in the game with other people, you can request that they empty out the other floor of the building. To make matters even better, if your group possesses more than one Stronghold Keycard, you can easily break into the building through any one of its many entrances and clear it out in under a minute.

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Frequently asked questions

What is DMZ in Modern Warfare 2?

In DMZ, an open-world narrative-focused extraction mode, Operator squads are free to complete missions for their respective factions, take on additional side objectives, fight against other Operators and AI enemies, and scavenge for loot as they attempt to stay alive long enough to make their way out of the DMZ.

Is DMZ free to play?

Warzone 2's DMZ mode is included for free with the game at no additional cost. As previously mentioned, the new story-focused mode debuted alongside the release of Warzone 2 and is included in the base game. Owning Modern Warfare 2 is not required in order to play Warzone 2.



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