Honor Magic V Slim First Outward-Folding With Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Chip Smartphone Certified In China

Honor, a prominent Chinese smartphone brand, has recently introduced its latest addition, the Honor Magic V2 foldable phone, in China. While the company has previously launched the Honor Magic Vs and Magic V foldable phones, all of them featured an inward folding design. However, an intriguing development suggests that Honor is now venturing into the realm of outward-folding smartphones. Detailed information about this upcoming device, currently codenamed “Victoria,” has emerged through the Chinese MIIT certification database.

Honor’s first outward folding smartphone

Within the MIIT certification database, an Honor smartphone bearing the model number VCA-AN00 has been identified. Sources reveal that the acronym “VCA” aligns with the device’s internal codename, “Victoria.” Based on previous leaks, it is predicted that the outward folding smartphone will be marketed under the name Honor Magic V Slim. While an official release is expected in October this year, this phone’s reveal holds considerable anticipation among tech enthusiasts.

Honor Magic V Slim First Outward-Folding

The introduction of smartphones featuring an outward folding design remains limited in the market. Apart from Huawei, other major Chinese smartphone manufacturers have yet to embrace this specific folding mechanism fully. Huawei set a precedent with its Mate Xs 2, launched in May 2022, as one of the most recent examples of a smartphone incorporating an outward folding design. Honor’s rumored venture into this domain marks a new chapter for the brand, providing consumers with an alternative and unique choice in the competitive smartphone landscape.

Honor Magic V Slim First Outward-Folding

Reports suggest that Honor has several other smartphones in the pipeline, including the potential release of the Honor 100 GT and the Honor X50 GT. These devices are expected to succeed in their previous iterations, the Honor 80 GT and Honor X40 GT, respectively. While details about these upcoming models remain scarce, the anticipation surrounding Honor’s innovative offerings continues to grow.

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Furthermore, Honor is rumored to be working on its first clamshell phone with a foldable screen, the Honor Magic Flip. Although limited information about this device is currently available, it is projected to be unveiled in 2024. With these future releases, Honor is positioning itself as an aspirational brand, pushing the boundaries of smartphone design.

Honor’s exploration into the world of outward-folding smartphones is a significant development within the industry. The emergence of the Honor Magic V Slim offers consumers a fresh choice in smartphone design. As Honor continues to innovate and expand its product line, it will undoubtedly capture the attention of tech enthusiasts worldwide. The forthcoming Honor 100 GT, Honor X50 GT, and the highly anticipated Honor Magic Flip further establish Honor’s commitment to driving the smartphone industry forward.

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