HomePod Mini Fans Disappointed as Gurman Reports No New Model

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg asserts that Apple is not working on a new version of the HomePod, which is a miniature smart speaker. According to Gurman’s most recent “Power On” email, Apple is not “actively working” on a new HomePod compact device at this time.

HomePod Mini Fans Disappointed as Gurman Reports No New Model

After the debut of a new full-sized HomePod, many users started asking about an update to the mini model. But at this point, I don’t believe that Apple is actively working on such as product. The latest HomePod doesn’t include any major new functions that aren’t already in the $99 mini, so there isn’t an obvious reason to update the model. Sure, it would be nice to get more colors, a cheaper price, and better sound and microphones, but the real improvements probably need to be made on the back end — with Siri and app integration.

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The smaller HomePod was unveiled during Apple’s iPhone 12 presentation in October 2020. After less than a year, Apple stopped making the original HomePod and only offered the smaller HomePod mini as a smart speaker. Just this week, Apple revived the larger HomePod form factor.

HomePod Mini Fans Disappointed as Gurman Reports No New Model
HomePod Mini Fans Disappointed as Gurman Reports No New Model

An Apple Watch S-series processor, a U1 ultra wideband chip, Thread support, a temperature, and humidity sensor, and a bigger illuminated touch screen that illuminates from edge to edge are just a few of the features that have been brought back to the original HomePod.

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Gurman stated in August 2022 that Apple may release a new HomePod mini in the future, however, he did not specify when or what changes could be expected. According to him, the upgrade probably wouldn’t be “super-impressive,” so any modifications to the HomePod’s little brother probably wouldn’t be too significant.

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Frequently asked questions

Why did Apple stop selling the HomePod?

In 2018, Apple introduced the world to its first HomePod after four years of development. Customers were assured by Apple that the company will "reinvent music in our homes." Apple, however, would soon realize that Home sales were so dismal that they had to end production.

Is HomePod mini smarter than HomePod?

When comparing the Apple HomePod to the Apple HomePod tiny, the former is clearly superior. The HomePod is louder and offers a more balanced sound. Its internal Siri is also more adept at filtering out background noise, making it easier to use in a noisy environment.


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