Hogwarts Legacy Player Finds a Hilarious Way to Beat Trolls in Battles

A player has found a clever strategy for winning troll fights in Hogwarts Legacy, and it’s becoming viral on social media. The gamer in a video provided by Reddit user TheStormBolt demonstrates how to quickly escape the River Troll fight by riding a broomstick.

The troll follows even when the player flies over a cliff, forcing it to run over the edge and perish. While some gamers are split on whether good or terrible AI caused the troll’s actions, others praise the ingenious solution.

Hogwarts Legacy Player Finds a Hilarious Way to Beat Trolls in Battles
                            Hogwarts Legacy Player Finds a Hilarious Way to Beat Trolls in Battles

Since its debut, the open-world action role-playing game Hogwarts Legacys based on the Harry Potter universe, has been a significant success for WB Games and Avalanche Software. Fans can connect with the Wizarding World in ways that have never been possible before, thanks to the game, and players are always learning new strategies to overcome the game’s numerous obstacles.

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Yet, some players have complained that the troll fights are excessively drawn out and boring. Thus TheStormBolt’s tactic is a welcome remedy. Although there isn’t any DLC planned for Hogwarts Legacy for now, players are hoping that the game’s popularity will persuade the creator to change course and include more content.

The Switch version of the game will be released on July 25. Users can now enjoy the game on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. There are probably still a lot of mysteries to be discovered in the Hogwarts Legacy universe because the game is still very fresh.

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