HM Coastguard Helicopter Spotted Searching Sea Near North Pier In Blackpool

The HM Coastguard helicopter has been spotted searching the sea near the North Pier in the Blackpool. The rescue helicopter was seen circling at the seas where police officers responded to an incident that occurred near the North Pier. An incident occurred yesterday there in the evening which was very shocking. This news has been recently announced on social media. This news is currently on the trend at many famous news channels. So we are also here to provide you with every single information about this incident. So now read this article till the end and do not miss anything.

HM Coastguard Helicopter

HM Coastguard Helicopter

According to the source, on 1st November 2023, Wednesday at around 3:00 pm a tragic incident occurred near North Pier. Many police officers, paramedics, and the coastguard were spotted at the scene. The footage of this incident investigation has been recently released on social media. The footage of this tragic incident investigation is making rounds on social media right now. The footgear showcased that a coastguard helicopter searched the entire sea as the public of onlookers watched the entire incident which unfolded near the Comedy Carpet. After some time the Lancashire Police confirmed that the police were responding to the concern for the welfare clall at the beachfront. Now to know more about this horrific traffic incident scroll down to the next paragraph of this article.

The police officials have claimed that this incident occurred at around 3:00 pm yesterday. One spokesperson of the police has claimed that the investigation for this incident is currently happening. Till now the investigation has showcased that the enquires have negated that any person was at risk and the log was closed as a false call. The proper information about the incident has not been identified till now. To learn more look at the next paragraph of this article.

Regarding the tragic incident near the North Pier, the Coast Guard of HM has claimed that they might not add any other information as the police are currently investigating this case so till there is official confirmation they cannot say anything. This incident happened after the big and large waves battered the shortline because of the frequent downpours of the heavy rains. A lot of vehicles were parked next to the Bloom Bar on the Promenade. More information about this incident will be shared very soon so keep following techballad.